Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm still here...

Taking a home school break before we go grab a burger for lunch. I crave burgers right now so burgers it is!

I happened to receive this little NUGGET of information after really trying to fill myself with HOPE that Obama can do something positive. I don't agree with redistribution of wealth. I believe that if he wants to redistribute HIS wealth, go for it but I'll take care of my own damn self, thank you very much. BUT, I certainly hope that the anti-white agenda that appears to be poking its head up in places gets mainstream media attention. Why is it this man can do no wrong? He is friends with known terrorists... hasn't ever done a darn thing but campaing... he's not "one of them" ... I don't see how a black person can feel "represented" by him anymore than I would feel represented by Laura Bush. We're both white women, we're both mothers, we're both Texan... Obama went to ivy league schools...he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth... the man isn't some Harlem ghetto prodigy child... he's NOT "them"... he's NOT the messsiah that they're playing him out to be.

The media was so condemning of Bush's last inauguration... did anyone pay attention or hear that Obama's cost FIVE TIMES what Bush spent? Yeah... that's our tax payers hard at work... FIVE TIMES... so don't even talk about handing our money. At least Ole Dubya was trying to be frugal!

I've been HOPING that maybe the other elected officials can help keep all hell from breaking loose up there in DC... just because I believe in the promises OF America. We have the RIGHT to the PURSUIT of happiness.... not the right to have it all handed to you... you have to get off your ass and work for it. I'm sick of this something for nothing we're turning our country into!

BUT>.... this wound up in my in box and I'm compelled to share it with you... God forbid you're a white man for the next 4 years... you're apparently the target of the Obama-nater

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