Monday, October 18, 2010


Is that even a word? Well, regardless, who cares!

My day started off a little rocky. I was up early with a somewhat restless little man (makes for a long night). I got the homemade waffles made and plated, woke up the little men and went to feed the baby. I then made sure we had our belongings and they were out the door on time. Come in, get the little man back down and I dozed off (like I said, long night).

So, I wake up and get ready to take little guy to his 6 month photo shoot with the amazingly wonderful Amanda Dykan.

Put little mand in the floor of the playroom while I was loading the car. When I walked to get him, he'd craped... everywhere! Serious diaper blow-out! Only me.

So, quick change for him.

Wet the curls (gotta have the curls!) I then went to wash my hands. Running water. Geez, now I had to go! Ugh! I scoop him up and we're out the door. Almost. He kept turning his head to nurse. Great. I had to nurse him otherwise I'd have had a grumpy whiny, red eyed fussy baby. That does not a good picture make. Sit down to nurse and text Amanda that we'll get there soon!

And, thankfully we did. What do you think? These are the three she'd edited thus far.

Oh, and if you're wondering -- the hats -- her friend Paula makes and sells those! I you need one, let me know!

I bought two hats from her. One that resembles Elmo and has cute little braids that hang down the side and I bought the pumpkin hat for Ben. He's a little pumpkin farmer for Halloween (the costume I'd intended for him to wear really doesn't fit and I'm not about throwing $40 or so at a costume for an infant. Sorry, I'm just a little too practical for that. I know, I know. It's his first Halloween. Trust me, he'll make up for it later when he's wanting all the Star Wars stuff like Drew!


TV's Take said...

Great pictures, love his eyes! Sounds like an interesting morning but you recovered well. Thanks for stopping by, love your, 'make a knot and hang on comment'. Hope tomorrow is a little smoother.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Those diaper blow outs - I don't miss them!

What a gorgeous boy. He looks great in those adorable hats!

brandt! said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a babe!!!!! I love the tub picture!!

chksngr said...

He's so frickin' cute! I can't STAND IT! I want to jump in there and HUG him!!!