Monday, October 18, 2010


After the amazing photo shoot with Amanda at Mulberry Lane Studios, I didn't accomplish much else for the day (now there's a shocker). I did manage to get my weekly menu made and therefore my grocery list finalized. Since Captain Pampers was crashed, I just figured I'd go grocery shopping later in the afternoon or early in the evening.

Ben woke up from his nap and I nursed him. Andy was home but the Rangers / Yankees playoff game was on so I knew he really didn't want to be playing Mr. Mom so I thought -- you know, self, he is rested. He is fed. He is happy. Why not call my mother-in-law to see if she'd like to watch him since he'll be good for a while and the list is a short one that shouldn't take all that long. She was more than happy to. Into the car we piled.

I took Ben to my MIL's and immediately showed her the cute photos of Ben. I dropped his diaper bag at the door and then contemplated saying bye but opted to just leave while he was distracted so that he could just BE distracted and relax. I thought I'd be in and out of Wal-Mart in 30 minutes. MAYBE 45 if the lines were long so this will be a piece of cake no doubt! What a great chance for them to bond.

So, we leave (Josh and I). We arrive about 3 minutes later at Wal-Mart. Grab the buggy and head down the dairy aisle. No sooner do we grab a package of bacon and turn to head down the cereal aisle does my phone ring.

It's the call I dreaded.

It's her.

It's him.

He's in such a state of separation-anxiety-terror, he can't even catch his breath. Then I know, it's started. Separation anxiety hell.

I tell Josh our trip is over. Give a big sigh and push my nearly empty cart to the front of the store.

However, before we departed the cereal aisle, I did have enough mind to grab the boxes of the cereal that we needed before we made our way to the self-check out counter. I didn't want to wait on anyone. We load up and were immediately on the road.

We pull up and immediately disembark. Josh leans in and places his ear near the door to see if he could hear him. I wasn't even to the door yet and man alive you could hear him screaming from outside. I come in and rescue him from this terrible woman that wants nothing more than to love, hold, cuddle, feed, swaddle, snuggle and pamper! As if! How dare she!

Ben is crying so hard he simply can't calm down.

It was so sad...

It was sad for me because now I know that I won't have a sitter for a date night or a vacation with my hubs or a birthday meal or a shopping run or .... or anything until he realizes that his Mimi is A-OK and fun to be around.

It was sad for Ben because, well, he was so scared.

It was sad for my family because we had no food and have to eat cereal not only for dinner but also for breakfast tomorrow morning.

It is sad for my Mother in Law because she just wants so badly to have that little guy love and snuggle and want to be with her.

I am thankful, however, that she knows it's just a phase.

So, yes, it has begun. Separation anxiety. My little snuggle bug doesn't want to leave my side. I'm his "safe" place. I'm his. He's mine. Well, gee, when you put it that way it sure doesn't sound all that bad. I guess that I just have to be there to remind him to breathe!


chksngr said...

Jayden didn't do this unitl the 18 month stage....and it lasted all of 4 weeks. And Noah STILL hasn't had it, though he's 10 months. It might be because they are around grandma and church so much that its just one more place. The only places they go are places they are at at least once a week anyway. I know, tho, that Noah will NOT be handed off to a strange face, even with us standing right there. He's not down with THAT! lol...

chksngr said...
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