Monday, October 25, 2010

The politics of youth sports

Have you ever had your children engaged in children's sports? If you have and it's been a wonderful experience, consider yourself not only lucky but blessed.

Youth sports in Texas is ... beyond ridiculous. Seriously, it's sad that it's all about the parents and not about the kids.

Drew was involved in a team through the youth organization in our town since he was ... Gosh 3 1/2 or 4. He's played for the same coach and on the same team in various positions. He enjoys baseball. And darn it, he's so cute with his little white pants and big ole helmet head. I just love him in his little baseball uniform.

Well, unfortunately the politics of that organization got the best of our coach and he decided not to be with that organization any longer. He chose to go to a neighboring town where he coaches select for his older son. We all pulled our registrations for our kids from the one organization and went to the other initially thinking we were going as a team only to find out they were splitting the team up in two. That's actually a good thing (although I didn't really like it at the time) because the boys that needed a little more work would get more key playing time in critical positions. But, we lose the coach that we really have grown to appreciate. His goal is really to teach the the fundamentals of the game, make sure they have fun and... honestly, he is just a really nice guy.

So, we switch organization and teams and now coaches.

With the new team, Andy is an assistant coach.

I have my reservations about this husband/wife duo. Not for any other reason ... than they're not what I'm used to. That and, you know how you just get a "vibe" about someone... I got that vibe. I try to help her by setting up a team website so we can put in the snack list, practices, notices, game information, upload photos, etc. Apparently, I stepped over the line trying to help so I deleted it. Who cares. But she was no longer friendly to me WHATSOEVER after that. No eye contact, no nothing. Oh well, she doesn't have to like me -- although -- to be honest, it really does bother me when someone doesn't like me. I feel like I'm a likeable person.

Tonight, however, the coach stepped over the line...and momma's not happy.

The game time was at 6pm. He asked the boys to be there around 5 pm which means we ate dinner at 4pm and were in the car at 4:30 to be there on time. They warm up for an hour. They play their game. They're winning going into the last batting round and they only need 2 runs to win. Ben is hungry so I start heading for the car. We load up and away we go. I think that I see the glow of my phone in the console so I have Josh check it to see if it's ringing. I've got 4 missed calls from Andy. I'm thinking EMERGENCY so I call him back immediately.

He's pissed.

They're about to start another game. ANOTHER GAME? Are you freakin' kidding me? Seriously, it's 7:20 p.m. on a school night with a group of FIVE AND SIX YEAR OLDS that haven't eaten dinner yet.

Apparently, our old team was there to play the R's. But, our old team didn't have enough players show up so they were going to have to forfeit. We were scheduled to play the winner of that game tomorrow but since our old team was forfeiting, we knew who the winners were. And, apparently they assumed that since they were all there, why not play now? It makes sense on paper or maybe when the kids are older but these are tired 5 and 6 year olds. Most of them are just 5. AND, tonight was the COWBOY GAME on Monday Night Football. Are you smokin' crack Mr. Coach-man?

So, I'm being a momma bear and am concerned, do I need to stop and buy the boys a hot dog from Sonic? Are they hungry? Are they thirsty? Do we need anything? Andy is SO mad.

Then he tells me what else happened. Mr. Jerk-of-a-Coach pulled a power-play. Andy was in the dugout and asks him if (for the start of this new game) if Drew can bat first since he was supposed to be next at bat in the game that just ended. (He continually places Drew at the back of the line-up. He's a good hitter, too. Jerk!) Anyway, the coach started to walk off and then turned around and made a freakin' scene at Andy. How dare Andy question his coaching. When he agreed to coach, he was going to coach it as he saw fit. GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK.

Dude, apparently you didn't get the memo--you're a coach of a group of FIVE AND SIX YEAR OLDS -- not the TEXAS RANGERS -- YOU JERK@!

I asked Andy what he said to that.

His reply?



Nope. Nothing. My husband has that much class. I, obviously, don't because I would have said a few choice words like... telling him where to go... what to kiss... and I would have gathered my child, his supplies and I'd have shown him that he was number one as I walked away. But no, my husband has that much class. I'm beyond impressed.


I am.

When people irritate me, I tend to gather my thoughts and go all Julia Sugarbaker on them with this berating monologue that leaves them in a puddle of wit, sarcasm and irrefutable facts that leave them emotionally attacked so that they want to assume the fetal position and suck their thumb while crying for their mama. I'm heartless.

The only thing he did say was that he can assure me that we won't be back with them next year. I'm glad. For more than a few reasons (one of which is that I won't really have to fear fist fights behind my minivan as I'm trying to leave the parking lot -- yeah THAT was fun.)

I just don't understand the politics behind this... seriously. You're not running a fortune 500 company. You're a coach of a 5 year old t-ball team. You're not some big shot running a city. You're trying to teach a kid to swing a bat and run a base. It's not rocket science. Quit acting like a pompous ass. Really, you don't wear that look very well. It's clashing with your nail polish. Jerk!

The thing that I really, really don't understand when dealing with the politics of children is how so many people get into volunteer programs that are FOR and ABOUT children and then turn them into something that's NOT. His behavior was NOT about the kids. It was all about me... let ME make a scene and make someone who asked a question look bad and make ME look big and important. You know people that have to question everyone else's motives, make them look bad, talk down to them or belittle them in front of others.... they're obviously insecure to the point that they know how little of a man they really are! Real men don't have to act like that.

Furthermore, it was just a FREAKIN QUESTION. What in the WORLD would it have hurt to just kept the batting lineup going like it was and picking up where you left off? Would you really be THAT confused to have to start in the BACK of the list rather than at the top again? Certainly, even YOU (oh Ye of Little Brain) can figure out how to do that?

I just DARE HIM TO TRY TO SAY SOMETHING WHEN I AM PRESENT BECAUSE I ASSURE YOU I WILL NOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT! :) I had to put that in all caps... why? Because I can...and this blog.. it's all about me and not the kids so I can talk about how I'd secretly like to take one of those base balls and just tag him right between the eyes. :)


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhhh I would be hot to trot also. That is just unexpectable.

brandt! said...

oh woman .. you are so freakin' hilarious!!!I love your blog! You are so correct .. it's why I stay out of PTO's, volunteer programs ..they all forget it's about the kids!