Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twenty Six Days of Thankfulness - Day 2 - B

Today's letter is B. I am thankful for:

  • books - because they take me to places I've never been (or will likely never go) and keep my senses rich with their words
  • barbeque - ribs, brisket, sausage, ham... you name it... it's just mmmm mmm good!
  • babies - I've had three. They're the best!
  • boys - I don't think I could handle pink, ruffles, drama, drama, drama.
  • Boy Scouts - it's an amazing organization for young men that I'm proud to be a part of
  • beer - Shiner Bock is the preferred beverage but Newcastle is a close second.
  • biscuits & gravy - it was my favorite breakfast my grandmother would always make for me when I stayed the night
  • Batman hats - that are BLINGED out with crystals and that are at CANTON so that I can go get me one this weekend! :) sing it with na na na na na na BAT MAN!
  • blankets - i love when it's chilly to snuggle under one and enjoy some peace and quiet
  • boots - I've found a new appreciation for boots (Old Gringo, to be specific) just not their price tag! OUCH!
  • bacon - you can't go wrong with bacon, right?
  • butterflies - my Meme (my maternal grandmother) loved them and collected things with them. They were everywhere in her house. Everytime I see one, it reminds me of her.
  • baking - I love to bake....bread, cookies, muffins... and this time of the year it's a constant!
  • bloggings - I love the outlet of writing. It's cheap therapy. I also love to surf and subscribe to (too many) blogs that I'm inspired by daily!
  • bananas - boy I'm sure listing a lot of food, hmmmm. I eat a banana every single day!
  • Bear Naked Granola - I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to this stuff!
  • Brunettes - because I am one! :)
  • bubbles - even though I'm pushing 40, they're still fun to play with (with the kids, of course)
  • balance - I've learned to have a lot of that in my life.
  • Boomer the Boston Terrier - he was my first and my most favorite Boston Terrier! RIP big guy! I still miss you like crazy!
  • Brownies - I don't like chocolate cake but give me a good brownie... mmmm
  • Becky - (that'd be my mom) :) We haven't always seen eye to eye on everything but I love her and she's Mom!
  • Bears - like Winnie the Pooh! :) I've ALWAYS wanted to hug a real bear (and live, obviously)...they're my favorite mammal. No one messes with their babies or they get the wrath of mama. They're fat and they're fluffy and it's a-okay!
  • Baseball hats - because without them, I wouldn't have anything to do with my hair other than put them in pony tails.
  • Band-aids - because what else can fix a boo-boo?
  • Movies like... Bambi, Babe (the pig... you know the PIG movie? La la laaaaa), Batman, and Braveheart)
  • Bands and artists like... the B-52s, the Beatles, the Beastie Boys, and Bon Jovi)

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