Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twenty Six Days of Thankfulness - Day 3 - C

Today's letter is C. I'm thankful for:

  • children - our lives are richer for being surrounded by them
  • computers - because without them I wouldn't be nearly as organized as I am
  • Change - a lot of people do not like change... but I think it's what allows you to grow as a person. Sometimes it's difficult but it's definitely the spice of life.
  • Colorado - it's my favorite place to be... ever.
  • cabins - now put a cabin IN Colorado and we are in HEAVEN baby!
  • Christie Williams, Corey Pankey and Christa Williams - a few of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. Friends through thick and thin and I'm definitely thankful for them.
  • Cartoons - I've had several favorites over the years -- Mother Goose and Grim, Calvin and Hobbes, Charlie Brown and Family Circle are several I have always enjoyed.
  • Christmas - who doesn't enjoy the most fantastic time of the year to celebrate Him. I love how this season brings out the good and generosity in people. I only wish they'd live their lives as if EVERY DAY were Christmas.
  • Charity - I believe in giving of your time, money, gifts to those in need. You never know how they may pay it forward. Greed is such an ugly trait. Charity is definitely something more people need to embrace.
  • Conversation - there's something to be said for good conversation
  • Canton! - I love going there alone, with friends or with family. Canton, Texas is the BOMB DIGGITY!
  • Cocoa - I'm not a coffee drinker though it would certainly fit here but give me a nice hot cup of cocoa and some good conversation by a crackling campfire and I'm about set for the night!
  • Cheetos - I just wish they were a food group because they're THAT good (to me)
  • Cameras - they allow me to capture moments in my life that I otherwise may only have in my memory (which, if y'all know me, ain't that good and don't last that long!)
  • Crayolas - there's not much like a fresh box of Crayola brand crayons. That scent, the fresh points, the stiffened box... just waiting to become some wonderful masterpiece.
  • Camping - I love going camping. There's something to be said about minimalism.
  • Cotton Patch - a great place to eat some home-style cooking (when you don't want to do the dishes!)
  • Cowboys - there's something to be said about Ree's husband (oh COME ON...don't tell me you haven't heard about "Marlboro Man? Ree... THE Pioneer Woman" Google it!) Wrangler jeans, scuffed boots, cowboy hats.... every true Southern lady definitely gets me on this one
  • Cranberries - this is one of my favorite ways to add some sweet to my salads. Dried cranberries. Yum!
  • Costumes - I loved watching Josh and Drew as they went through the "dress up" phase wanting to wear Bat Man to the grocery store... and you know what? I let them. They're only little once... who cares what people think!
  • Casseroles - This is how I was able to get my first kiddo to eat a ton of veggies -- by loading them up in a casserole!
  • Cake - specifically, white cake with white frosting. YUM!

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