Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twenty Six Days of Thankfulness - Day 5

Today's letter is E. I am thankful for:

  • Elmo - sing it with me. La la la la... la la la la... Elmo's World. I just love that furry red monster. Drew's loved him. Benji loves him. I love him.
  • Education - becuase when you stop learning.... you stop living!
  • Easter - I love much that this holiday celebrates -- even the idea of the bunny!
  • Eating - but this is both a blessing and a curse. LOL
  • Elaine - because we've been friends for SO LONG and I still just love her to pieces!
  • Entertainment - be it dogs, children or the company of strangers... I love great entertainment
  • Evelyn - she was my grandmother. Miss her.
  • Singers like Elvis Presley, Enrique Iglesias, Eddie Rabbit, and rappers like Eminem
  • Bands like Everclear and the Eagles
  • Movies like ET, Elf and Eddie and the Cruisers

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