Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twenty Six Days of Thankfulness - Day 20 - T

Today's letter is T. I'm thankful for:

  • Tea - Luzianne tea with splenda
  • T-shirts - soft cotton, v-necks
  • Teeth - because without them, eating would really suck!
  • Tact - it's another of those character traits that seems almost extinct
  • Thanksgiving! -- DUH....
  • Turtlenecks - I love to wear turtlenecks in the fall/winter.
  • Trucks - There's something to be said about a man that drives a truck (or a woman, for that matter)... especially over one of those ugly-ass smart cars
  • Teachers - without them there would be no zest for learning
  • Trust - easily given, hard to regain once it's lost.
  • Talent - it seems, again, like something that people are severely lacking these days (enter the whole idea of reality television)
  • Tiger cubs - Because Den 9 is the cutest!
  • Artists and Bands like: Taylor Swift, Terri Clark, Trace Adkins, Tracy Byrd,
  • Movies like: The Terminator, Toy Story, Transformers, The Tigger Movie, Titanic

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