Monday, December 10, 2012


That about sums up today.


And you can quote me.

To the smart-mouth that thinks the world revolves around him.  Newsflash.  It doesn't.  You would easily have new shoes... if you would just come to realize that every pair you own doesn't have to cost $150.  You need to learn that somethings -- are your fault.  Learn to whole-heartedly apologize.  The best way to become a man is to learn to say "thank you".  Oh, and newsflash, I have a great memory.  

To the drama-filled young'un who thinks that to feign a stomachache will land you -- yet another -- day home gaming... forget it.  You're going to school.  Period.  End of story.  I have a direct line to Santa.  You're millimeters from coal!

To the monkey who won't quit throwing food and asking WHAT, running the opposite direction from the changing table every time he poops and who still believes that dogs are meant to be smacked... I'm about to sell your ass on e-bay.  Listen up!  Your only saving grace is that you have better manners (aside of throwing food) than any other tri-peds here.  Feel lucky.... you're barely treading water!

'Tis the season to bug off because I'm done.  

Signed, the resident
Ho. Ho. Ho.

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