Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fill Ins

ffi  It is time once again for Friday Fill-Ins.  Join us, won't you? we go!

1. Oh, my the senseless violence that has swept through that small Connecticut town has left an open wound across the entire nation.  How someone could hold such contempt against their own mother that he felt the need to shoot her -- in front of a classroom of 5-year old children is beyond incomprehensible.  I wish it stopped there but after he then turned the gun on every child in the room... and the adults that were coming to their aid just makes me SO GLAD that he is DEAD!  He doesn't deserve to live, breathe, or have any kind of funding from a public source for a trial or to spend the rest of his life in a cell when he took so much from so many.     

2. When I ask someone to do something, I prefer it sooner, rather than later! 

3. Buy one, but only if you need it.  I don't "get" why people don't truly follow this mantra.

4. I am TIRED -- positively TIRED!  I went to see the release of The Hobbit at midnight last night and got home at 3:40 am.  Makes for a LONG day when you have to wake up at 6am and have a sick kiddo at home.

Over The Hill 40 Balloon Bouquet (13 Balloons)5. Soon, I'm turning 40.  I'm not happy about it. Not one bit.

6. Do you wish upon shooting stars?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping -- isn't that SAD?  The ONLY thing I'm looking forward to tonight is SLEEPING!  Ha!  Tomorrow my plans include nothing because I had to cancel them due to the fact that my 2 year old came down with a mild case of the chicken pox (yes, he has been vaccinated but YES, he got them) and Sunday, I want to finish Christmas shopping!


Diana_CT said...

I want to see the Hobbit, maybe after the new year.

Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

Yes, it is so sad about those children. There are monsters among us.
We plan on seeing the Hobbit next weekend. I can't wait. Sorry to hear your child has chicken pox. I remember when our boys had them. It was sucky.
But do have a good weekend and get plenty of rest.

alteredstatesstudio said...

40 is not so bad :) it will be all good! and bummer to hear that you have a sick kiddo! we have 3 kids and our daughter managed to somehow get chicken pox from BOTH of her brothers years apart. once when she was a baby and then again when she was in fourth grade. crazy!! hope your kiddo is feeling better soon! time to break out those favorite cookie recipes with your "free" time tomorrow!

LauraBelle said...

40!? Soon I'll be turning SIXTY! ha! Blessings~!

**** April **** said...

If you are a true LOTR fan, you will really enjoy it

Dana JustDana said...

My Heart is still mourning for those children, ugh I have avoided the tv ever since I got the text yesterday.....

Stacy said...

My heart is broken by the tragedy! I am a school teacher and CANNOT even imagine even though we have monthly preparation drills.