Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Question Friday

1. What's the one personal hygiene thing you will not do in front of your spouse? You know, while I'm not a shy person, I am a private person. I don't do a whole lot in front of anyone... Yes, I realize I'm probably an obsessive control freak of nature, but I won't change. I'm 40 years old. If I haven't done "private" or personal things in front of someone by now... I'm certainly not going to change my ways for anyone. I mean, sheesh, I won't even pluck my eyebrows around someone else... spouse or otherwise.

2. What's your favorite thing about a newborn? They stay where you put them... and they sleep -- a lot!

3. When is "too young" to have a Facebook account? Younger than 13... Even then they are still pretty clueless about the fact that ANYTHING you say, post or photograph and share is out there ... FOR... EVER!!!

4. What are your hoping for for Mother's Day? Yeah... I'm not EVEN gonna go there. I expect exactly what I will more than likely get... nothing. Or flowers, which I really don't want.

5. What was the best field trip you ever took in school? I remember in high school when I thought of being an educator and we took several field trips to area schools to see how other institutions were teaching students how to learn. It opened my eyes to how exciting it can be to light the fire of desire to learn within kids... One school, in particular, had varied ages in one classroom and taught them English rules of grammar and such via rhyme and it was SO COOL! I left that place wishing I'd gone to school there. The children started learning sign language by a certified ASL instructor at the age of 4 (they had a Pre-K as well)... I was so envious. I wanted to be a teacher... because of that field trip.

(that was, until I realized how much teachers DON'T make...yeah, then I went into law.)

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