Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday 13

Thirteen things that people do on Facebook that annoy the ever-lovin' shit out of me.  What's sad is that I could totally go through my wall right now and probably pull out one for each category.  :)  

1) Grammar --- This HAD to be number one for me.  I'm the ever-popular-every-crowd-has-one "Grammar Nazi" in my circle of friends.  It's true.  I'm okay with it.  I'm also honored that many of them have forwarded me e-mails, letters, proposals, rebuttals, etc. to peruse for grammatical correction prior to sending to its intended party.  I can talk trashy hick like the best of them, but when it comes down to it, I know my stuff man!

2) The Liker -- People that "Like" their own posts.  WHY would you LIKE your OWN POST?  I just don't even get this one.  It bugs me.

3) The Fuzzy Shooter --- If you're going to take the time to post a picture, at least make sure we can all see it!  I like looking at my friends pictures.  I don't think it takes a photojournalism degree in order to hold a camera steady.  THIS red panda is cute and fuzzy.  That's the ONLY thing "fuzzy" that should be posted on facebook.

4) The "Vague Booker"  --- People that continually post open ended "whoa is me" crap JUST for the purpose of soliciting "what's wrong" empathetic responses so that the original poster then has an "excuse" to air it all over Facebook.

5) The Family Fighter --- Seriously, the idea of having to even say this is just so childish.  I'm 40 freakin years old... as are most of my friends (if not older) and SERIOUSLY?  Grow the hell up and quit fighting with your family ON FACEBOOK.  

6) The Comment Eraser --- I totally understand erasing comments that are racist, bigoted, cruel, gratuitously sexual and the like.  However, if YOU post something on your wall and have FRIENDS.... it has now become an INTERACTIVE PUBLIC FORUM.  When people respond, and they happen to -- oh, I don't know disagree with you -- you DELETE their comment.  You're a moron.  Generally they delete them because said comment makes them look like a complete f'n moron and proves their wee little brain is beyond logical debate.  It just makes them look like an idiotic dolt.... yeah, so you delete it to save face.  If you didn't want comments on your post, that's when you just say whatever it is you want out loud... and move on.

7) The Defriend / Refriender --- I'm mad at you or I don't like that you disagree with me, so I'm going to defriend you.  When I'm in a better mood, I'll "re" friend you.  If you don't accept my friend request the second time, you must be a real bitch.  Seriously?  Again, GROW UP.  

8) The Party Planner -- I've been invited to more parties by people I haven't seen in 20 years... just because (I think) they want to have people present at parties (to buy stuff) so they get more free stuff.  Okay, I'll confess, I hope they just want to see me...and could care less if I bought anything.  That's what I'll keep telling myself anyway!

9) The Tagger -- People who tag me in photos that I am clearly not in instead of just adding my name in the comments.  Yes, I remove the tags.  I'm one of those.  

10) The Friend Collector -- I hate getting friend requests from people I seriously do not know.  It's like they're either just being a friend collector or they saw my name and maybe comments on a friend's page and so I'm automatically supposed to friend them.  It's just weird.  I do have friends that I have met THROUGH mutual friends, but we actually forged a friendship.... not just sent one another random friend requests.  It's also weird to me to accept friend requests from people you don't know JUST BECAUSE you have mutual friends.  I can't TELL you how many times I've received a friend request and see that I have 20+ friends in common but I can't -- for the life of me -- remember who this person is.  So, I start messaging our common friends.  And NO ONE can recall this person...they only approved them BECAUSE they had mutual friends.  That's weird to me.  

11) The Block and Snooper -- Those that block others and then snoop on their walls through mutual friends.  My advice is fairly straightforward --> Get a life.  

12) Selfies -- Girls that take a gazillion shots of themselves like... daily.  One a week is fine... three or four a day... is RIDICULOUS.  The only person that wants to see you that much is your spouse (I hope) and your pet.  This kid, however, already has the duck lips down.  I see someone in trouble in the future!

13) Slut shots -- Girls that have to include cleavage in every picture... or feel the need to post pictures in bikinis or bathing suits or "look at this slutty outfit" I wore aren't I hawt shots.  I'm SOOOO over this kind of crap.  I hope you garner all the attention your poor little minuscule pathetic self-esteem apparently needs to buoy your self confidence.

And with that... I bid thee farewell!


Mary C. said...

I feel you, sister. BTW, I wish I knew Daniel...

christina.owens17 said...

OMG! I love this! I agree 10000000% I also hate the "oversharers" of know the people with an update every 2 seconds of their daily activities or those with paragraph long statuses of their life. STFU :)

Cristy S said...

This is AWESOME!!!! (yes I am an overuser of exclamation points, I'm seeking help). I have become so disillusioned with Facebook lately. I mainly use it to share pictures with my family. I recently went through and deleted like 25 people and could easily delete more. I agree with ^Christina...the oversharer - ugh.

Kathy W said...

Another one? People that post pictures of every freaking meal they eat. I don't want to see your food.

Paula said...

Love this post! I don't agree with all of it but I do LOVE it! I hardly Facebook at all because of some of the issues you addressed. I don't know why I have such a hard time posting comments on your blog. Any suggestions?