Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. Do you have a doppelgänger?  
I'm going to assume we are speaking "look alike" rather than some ghostly duplicity of me.  I was told, once upon a time, that I resembled Dana Plato.  But since she's kicked the bucket, I'll say no.  Plus, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone to look like me.  >>shivers<<  I'm a work in progress!  

2. Do you keep your car cleaned up?  
Boys are stinky
Boys are messy
Boys are forgetful
Boys are sloppy

That being said, it should be duly noted that... 

I have three boys

I am a taxi for three boys

You do the math.

.... oh, and the outside matches the inside!

3. What is a current fashion that drives you crazy.
I'm NOT a trendy person.  Trends bug me because you just wind up looking like EVERYONE else (at least around here in suburbia hell).  I can't stand people wearing leggings without something that covers their ass.  I can't stand platform hooker heels especially when they're coupled with little babydoll dresses that look like they belong on an 8 year old because they BARELY cover these girls' butts...  It's very hard to raise respectful young men who respect girls when they clearly have none for themselves.

4. How often do you go grocery shopping?
I have a house of 4 boys (including my hubs, of course).  The answer would be "OFTEN."  Probably TOO often (because I like to cook... and I generally eat something other than what I've made.)

5. What has been the best surprise of your life?
Wow... I'm not sure one moment could qualify as the "best" of anything... I mean, a few events have certainly come to mind... but to say that I'd choose those over something else significant would seem to lessen the emotional value of each instance.... so I'll say... I have lots of bests!  


Paula said...

You really do favor Dana Plato!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I have boys shouldn't that just explain it all .. ugh