Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Stealing

1}Which do you prefer in the am: Coffee or tea?
Neither.  Ice cold water with lemon for me.  However, once my day has begun...and it's cold out... I will from time to time enjoy a spot of hot Earl Grey tea with honey.

2} Work has been cancelled on the spur of the moment: Clean house and do errands, Or just fun things?
I always choose work.  It's a curse.

3} Middle of the hot summer, vacation at: Mountains or Beach?
Mountains.  I hate sand...and swimsuits... and sun

4}You have to travel at a leisure speed: Train, plane or car?
Seeing that I've never taken a train anywhere, I would have to say car.  I like to be able to see the sights.  I also want to be able to experience something whenever I want rather than fly next to some stranger.  

5} To relax: A movie or a book?
Book.  No question.

6} What kind of pets? Dog, cat, bird or fish.

7} Dream home: Hard wood floors or carpeting?
Hard wood.  Carpet is evil.

8} a fun activity: cards, bingo or blogging?
Blogging.  Though, cards would be a close second!

9} First date: Dinner, movie or a hike?

10}The first Kiss: peck on the cheek, or a long romantic one?


zippiknits said...

oh Lady Bug you have it right: Carpet is evil! lol

And car for leisure travel. Me, too! Love car trips.

Kathy W said...

I hate my carpeting, I wish I had hardwoods!
And there is nothing like a nice hot Earl Grey on a cold blechy day :)

Cristy S said...

I would choose mountains too. I love my hardwood floors, but I love my cement floor even more. It is the most durable floor. I love me a great game of cards.