Friday, June 26, 2009

Car Clutter

I AM an organizing freak. If I can't find a place for it, it needs to go away! I was recently reading through my iGoogle reader of organizational tips and car clutter was the topic. Here's my comment to that post where it asked what you do to keep your car clutter free and what do you put into a well stocked car?

First things first, I don’t think it’s possible to have children and have an organized car! Ha! I love having an SUV because I CAN have my “must haves” in the car without compromising space or comfort.

In the back seat I have a plastic tote with handles that the boys are allowed to fill with whatever toys they want but they have to stay IN THERE when we get out (easier said than done) — it’s a work in progress.

In the back, I keep a milk crate with the following:
  • zip loc bags of napkins
  • an extra box of Kleenex
  • plastic cups
  • boo boo box (small first aid kit)
  • two bottles of water
  • two rain ponchos
  • antibacterial hand wipes
  • Zoo pals brand snack cups (built in lids)
  • straws in case we get drinks from some place and they either have a hole in the straw or forget to give us one
  • sunblock and/or bug spray (depending on the season)
  • our cup of Chuck E Cheese game tokens because you never know when you’ll actually be hit with the urge to get out of the Texas heat

I also keep a tote in the back of my car with two towels and a travel blanket inside. Also in the back is where I keep my emergency roadside kit (jumper cables, flares, flashlight, etc.) in it. I always have at least 2 umbrellas as well.

Depending on the season I have a few other items… when it’s “sports season” I keep my two bleacher seats in there. In the winter, I have no-sew fleece blankets that I made for both of the boys and they love using those to stay warm before the heater kicks in.

In my console I keep my emergency tool (has a hammer for breaking windows, cutter for seatbelts, etc.) my car charger for my MP3 player

We ALSO have a tote that we take with us when we’re “on the go” It has markers, crayons, small containers of playdoh, plastic stencils, sketch pads, activity books, etc. This comes in and out of the vehicle with us since, face it, it gets hot in Texas and I don’t want the crayons to melt or the markers to dry out.

If we’re goign to be gone longer than an hour, I also grab our handy little travel cooler and pack the boys some grapes (halved of course so they don’t choke) carrots or other chilly snack and something for them to drink. It’s nice to have that so you don’t have eto stop for unnecessary and unhealthy snacks/drinks when you’re on the road.

So now I ask you, what do you keep in your well stocked, organized car?


chksngr said...


an umbrella...

Extra napkins...

The rest i pack as we go...

I feel so disorganized!

Amooretto said...

let's see...not as organized as you at the moment...need to put the 3rd row bench in b/c we were away and had luggage! I may need to copy your list for myself!!

In the back I usually have 3 cloth cubes filled with the kids essentials depending on the time of year...extra set of clothes and underwear/diapers, wipes, socks and clogs, hat/cap, gloves/scarves, blankets (it was for soccer season). In the center console there are their sunglasses which HAVE to be left there or else they get lost or broken.

I need to do the safety kit, hammer and etc in glove compartment and a game box. That's a great idea. The girls have one coloring book behind each front chair (in the pouch) but have to bring coloring utensils.

I like the idea of bringing a little cooler. I only bring something for Colton since he's the baby.

OH...and I have an umbrella. Only one. I sometimes forget to put it back after we get in from a heavy rainstorm and it ends up sitting in the garage.

Thanks for the tips!

Mary said...

Ha ha! I have an umbrella too - and kleenex and a flashlight. That's it. But I have enough food in my house to eat for months if hell freezes over.