Monday, June 1, 2009

Decluttering with a Camera

You know when you go through your daily life and then realize you have absolutely too much crap? You want to purge but how, when, and what all will you purge? How will you find the time to get rid of it all? What about those things that you love for sentimental reasons but that you'll never ever use again?

I happened upon this article at Frugal Hacks:

And it's a great kick in the pants to realize that it's JUST STUFF. I'm a HUGE fan of organization. I'm a hater of clutter but it seems the more stuff that gets into my life... the more stressed I get. The more I'm stressed, the more headaches I have. I need organization, I need space. The clutter is, right now, taking over! UGH!

I'm off to purge this week. That's my summer goal. I want to be clutter free.... freecycling what I can... e-baying and/or Craigslisting what I can and having my SPACE BACK!

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MaryC said...

If you want to get rid of some stuff...move. I cannot believe the crap I have discovered and asked myself, WHY am I keeping this?