Thursday, June 25, 2009

Say a little prayer tonight


Tomorrow at 9am the mighty alarm and protector of our yard and defender of our property is being put to sleep. He has fought a hard fight against a cancerous tumor in his belly attached to his urethra. He has been passing blood in his urine for the last several months but he still was spunky and playful. The last several weeks he's just gone downhill. Andy wanted to give Josh the chance to say bye to him but since he's having a difficult time even getting up without pain... walking is hard and he's not even giving kisses any longer. I think we now know that he is ready. Andy always said, "animals will let you know when they're ready." Enjoy your last night with us big guy... tomorrow you'll be back running with your buddy Boomer and Gidget waiting until we're with you.


Photos by GK said...

Prayers to your family. These decisions are never easy.

Amooretto said...

I'm so sorry for you lose April. Hugs to you, the boys and the Boston. I hope that you all can have some peace to all this soon.

I remember when I had to make this very decision for MY Gidget. It was hard but you knew it was the right thing to do.