Thursday, June 25, 2009

The (so called) king of pop has expired

Today Michael Jackson died. I see throngs of people on tv at the hospital. There are photos of fans in tears. I dont know. Am I shallow? I worshipped that man (literally, not ACTUALLY) when I was a kid and remember asking for a Michael Jackson jacket for Christmas one year! I can sing tons of his songs ... still... to this day... by heart. I learned the dance routines to many of his videos. The man was such a huge part of the music of my childhood.

Then.... he just started to get weird. He went from a good looking black man to an ugly white woman. It was just... weird. The climbing tree thing from one of his interviews. The wanting to sleep with kids... the masks... the plastic surgery. He was just really "off." I'm surprised someone never realized he was just ... off. Eccentric I suppose is what people call you when you're rich and weird. Right?

But I mean, it's like people will ask... do you remember where you were when so and so died? And I'll remember I was home on the computer and Josh called to tell me Michael Jackson was dead.

I guess it's weird to me that people want to gather...??? at the hospital...??? why? I don't understand the point? I think I was severely turned off on him from the first settlement of a child molestation charge. You don't pay if you're not guilty... it was just how I'd feel... so that was just distasteful -- in my opinion.

So what now? What happens to his kids? I hope they, now, have a *somewhat* better chance of a *somewhat* normal childhood. I still think they're adopted. Yikes! I can't imagine having any sort of romantic relation with him. CREEPY!

So... just to have an entry to mark the day. He passed... oh well.

So did Ed McMahon (recently) and Farah Faucett... and she had her own shampoo!


Photos by GK said...

I didn't get the hype either. Frankly, another wierdo is gone. I hope his kids can get a normal life now.

Amooretto said...

I liked him back in the day. He was so outdated and when I did see him on TV it just blew over my head. Didn't care for the fella.

It's sad for the music industry. I heard his music all day today while in the car and it brought back good memories of my childhood.

Despite his history, it's sad for the kids. Wonder what is going to come of it all.

Mommy to One said...

I hear ya! I saw a car rear window yesterday that said, "RIP Michael Jackson. I miss you." can you MISS him? All you knew of him was his music, and that lives on.

Things that make you go "Hmmmm..."