Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ben's snapshot in time

Ben turned 5 months on the 26th. He is just such a treasure. His entire face lights up when he sees me and that makes my heart melt. I lay in bed at night before bedtime and we just look at each other. He is at the stage where his little hand just pat, pat, pats whatever he's trying to grasp--be it my face, a toy, a blanket. Pat pat pat goes his little dimpled hand. He LIVES for bathtime. I've finally taken the sponge out of the formed bath and he lays back on the plastic. I feel badly becuase it's hard but he can scootch off the spongy thing so it's not an option any longer.

His hair still has a red tent and I STILL THINK he may have curls. His one little segment that he hasn't worn off to a bald spot from turn his head repeatedly on the surface of wherever he's laying is right on top. And I call it his cupie doll curl.

He's had rice cereal a couple of times. He does okay. I tried to mix in some ripe banana the other day and he wasn't too hip on that.

He is still in a size 2 diaper and still in size 3-6 months clothes. Generally he sleeps through the night but every now and then he wakes around 2 for a feeding. If he's hungry, I nurse him. Simple as that.

I'm considering making the transfer to his crib this month but honestly, I don't know how it will go. I do not want to but I know I need to. I love falling asleep with him by my side. I feel better knowing he's safe, that he's warm and that if he wakes and needs something I am right there and dont have to get out of bed to do it. I am comforted -- probably more than HE is -- having him by my side. He is my last son... and I want to cherish and treasure every single moment with him.

I do this silly thing where I hold him up above my head and say "SUPER BABY" and he's held out like he's flying. He just opens his mouth SO wide and just squeals. He loves that. He's finally taken to his Jumparoo, too. The song drives me nuts but... when you hear something over and over again, it's bound to. He HATES being put in the car seat. Seriously, every time you put him in, he cries. That things weighs a ton, too. I'll almost be glad when it's not even an option any more. He hates these little things in it that keep his head from falling forward when he sleeps but I like them because they keep his head in the right position.

He still grips his little toes around everything.

He's ticklish...everywhere but hasn't really let out a true belly laugh yet. (Does that mean I'm not funny?)

He went to "child care" for the first time ever when I went to MOPS on Friday. He did well... and was held for the entire two hours. Ha ha! Whoever the man was working in the nursery smelled good (Ben smelled like his cologne).

His favorite thing to do when he's tired is to be put in his swing and be given a binkie and his silk blanket to pull over his face. He LOVES the silky blanket on his face. It's pretty funny that we have this rocking blanket in the swing half the time.

He can roll over back and forth now. Very neat to watch him. He's not so smooth on the rolling from stomach to back and usully bomps his head a little when he lands and then looks at ME like, "Why'd ya do THAT?" So, I have a TRUE rollie polie now!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Yup that so means you're not funny ... hehe :)

Oh man look at all those milestones and little man is growing before your eyes :)

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

So sweet! Enjoy him every moment!