Friday, August 13, 2010

Ding Dong the Laptop's dead

I made that Wicked Wednesday post and shut down the laptop only to have it black screen me requesting a start up cd - which didn't come with the computer when we bought it. We did, however, get a great little piece of cardboard WITH a picture of a CD on it that says:

Your new computer does not require an operating system CD or drivers CDs. Instead, if you ever need to reinstall your software, use one of the following methods.

Microsoft Windows System Restore returns your computer to an earlier operating state without affecting data files. For more information, double-click the Owner's Manual icon on your desktop.

Dell PC Restore returns your computer to its original operating state. For more information, double-click the Owner's Manual icon on your desktop.

Well, you know that'd be real freakin helpful if the freakin computer would boot UP to the freakin desktop but since a freakin STARTUP file is "missing or corrupted" it won't GET TO THE SCREEN "to" be able to perform one of those actions wherein having the disks would prove to be a tad helpful. What idiot thought they'd save the company money with that ingenious idea. What an idiot. Sorry, computer issues makes me a little nutty.

Can I get a collective "grrrrrrr"?

So, I'm EXTREMELY limited as to when I can get on the computer because it has to be a) when I have nothing else going on and b) Ben's in the swing -- which right now he's screaming at me so I should obviously get off of this but... I'm irritated and needed to vent.

And, in closing, ladies and gents, I implore you -- if you're in the market for a Dell system, REQUEST THE CD's. That way IF (and I hope you never do) you need them, you have them at your disposal.


Frugal Vicki said...

I hate that. And quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea where that little instruction thing is anymore anyway so I would be double trouble

brandt! said...

the collective GGRRRRRR!!!
Mine died Feb 09 .. lost EVERYTHING .. photos from 3 years .. our time in Texas .. Disney picture, Iraq pictures ... all gone!