Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting into a groove

It's been hard to get into a groove or a schedule or any sort of what wants me to with the bizarre things that just seem to pop up that need my attention.

Yes, I'm trying the program once again in an attempt to a) keep my house "company ready" at all times and b) do everything in small manageable segments so that I don't have to have a housekeeper every other week. Not that I don't enjoy having one, but I hate that I have to and I also hate the week up to her coming because generally there ARE dustbunnies in the corners and since I haven't made time to remove them, I don't feel I have time to remove them.

I'm trying to find time to do several things. Here are some of them, in no particular order:
  1. scrapbook
  2. clean house
  3. read books
  4. plan menus
  5. exercise
  6. attend MOPS group events
  7. attend GCSML events
  8. prepare healthy meals, snacks and breakfasts
  9. do batch cooking sessions

So, as this week comes along... I fully intend to use my "free" time to finalize my scheduling and planning so that I can get things in order to be the best mom, wife and ME that I can be!

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