Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A common theme

I've been noticing a common theme from many of the blogs I read/follow on a regular basis. Everyone is wanting to take a little bit of a break to refocus on the one thing in life that means the most to them -- their families. Like they "owe" it to their readership to give them a reason for NOT blogging. It's beyond comprehension to me. When and where and how do you draw the line between blogging and being a slave to your blog.

I, for one, use my blog as a way to record moments, feelings and milestones in my life so that when I go back to scrapbook the photos, I've got the juicy details all right there for me to put on paper.

I find it so bizarre that people are feeling GUILT for not keeping up with their blogs as if they owe someone something. You know? Weird.

I write for me... I write for my children. If you subscribe, I hope you enjoy. If you're compelled to leave a comment, feel free. If you don't want to, that's okay too. I just -- it's so weird to me to image people being a slave to a THING. That THING won't hug you, validate you, keep you company or give quality time to your kids. It's a thing... leave it in it's priority on the totem pole. :) Family first man... family first. :)

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brandt! said...

YOU ARE RIGHT ... I am one that feels over whelmed when I don't blog .. but I'm not sure why .. I use it as my therapy .. lol! Plus of course the random emails I get .. hahaha!
Perhaps its the guilt that my mom was able to instil in me as a child, and it carries over! .. I don't lay awake at night though .. I've started to accept the craziness of life, and YES, my crazy kids come first!