Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Draft

Today is the annual day of testosterone in my house. OK, well, I guess every day is THE testosterone day in my house since I AM the only estrogen producing life form contained herein but, today is THE day that men around the metroplex (and Austin) look forward to coming to our house -- the fantasy football draft.

Usually I go shopping and am up half the night preparing all kinds of things for them to nosh over. This year, I had SO MUCH to do and going on and the need for sleep that I simply couldn't do it. What'd they do? Jets Pizza. It's seriously, THE best deep dish pizza -- like ev-ah! The crust is crispy and soft and buttery and not soggy! It's DE-LISH! Typically they have the Mexican layer dip, meatballs, deviled eggs, queso, dessert, etc. This year--pizza.

This morning was get up and get ready. Andy took the boys to the Snooty Pig to eat. I stopped by McDonald's and grabbed an egg/sausage/cheese biscuit and headed to Wal-Mart to get birthday presents, milk, diapers and booster seats. Back home to unload. I took Josh to football practice and then back home to wrap up Jake's birthday present (General Grevious from Star Wars the Clone Wars) and make him a Clone Wars name/luggage tag. Drew got ready for the swimming party and then went across the street where Kelly was kind enough to take him to for me with her two. I then got Ben fed and packed up. I got clean clothes for the boys bagged up. I left at 11:30 to go pick up Josh from football. This was the first time Ben dozed off since 7:30 this morning. We sat in the parking lot of football practice for about 20 minutes with him sleeping. At noon, they were released and we headed to the house for him to take a towel bath and change clothes. The fantasy tailgaters were already here (Andy had left to pick up the pizzas). I opened the house to let them in and went back out to sit with Ben in the car while Josh hurried up and changed. I was backing out and Andy was ready to pull in the drive. We left to go pick up Drew from the swimming party at The Keller Pointe (very cool place, I think we may join next summer.) From there we headed to Mimi's and I unloaded the car and she offered to take them to Chuck E Cheese.

Then, from that point on it was a fight to get Ben to relax or eat -- he would do neither. He was seriously not a happy camper. I didn't know what to do... I felt badly because I didn't want to disrupt my father-in-law's quiet time with a screaming baby but he would NOT relax and had only minimal naps -- 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there since 7:30 in the morning. Not the makings for a great day. I finally got him down around... 3pm. He slept in his swing for about 2 1/2 hours. Andy called at 5:15 and said the Draft was over but I was NOT waking up that baby for NUTTIN! We got home about 6:30. I headed to Central Market for a SUPER salad and some fruit. The boys went outside to play. Andy went to a friends to watch the Dallas Cowboys play and ... I was just... ready... to collapse at 9pm. Ben got a bath and he was OUT for the night.

I couldn't have been happier that this day was over.

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