Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The pick up line...

My pick up line (for when I pick up my kids from school) besides the obvious, "How was your day?" to which I generally get, "Good" is "What was the best part about your day."

So... first day of school, I ask, "Josh, what was the best part about your day?"

He thinks for a minute and proceeds to explain something about what they did in art with a picture frame. Carefully describing his color choices and such. He confessed he wasn't sure if he should share because he thought it might be a gift for me for later in the year but... I just wanted to know so he shared.

Drew said, "My favorite thing about today was that I made a new friend." Seriously, that just made me tear up! I was so thankful that he's finding friendship in a new place... because it's awesome that he's in a new environment and is already building relationships. Maybe ones that will last a lifetime!

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brandt! said...

I love that you ask "what is the best part of your day?" ... it's so much more inclusive than "how was your day?" ..
I think I'm going to try it on my teenagers ..when I can get them to utter more than three words!!!