Saturday, September 4, 2010

Carpooling -- all the COOL people do it!

Since the first week of school was over and the boys were in their groove, we started the carpool with some friends that live on our street that have 2 daughters that attend school with the boys. It just makes sense. One we we'll do mornings and they'll pick up. The next week they'll do mornings and we'll pick up. OK, well, on Tuesdays and Thursdays they both work late so their kids go to an after school program but, for the most part, that's how it works.

I like doing the carpool because you get to hear the conversations of the kids. Like, when I told the boys on Thursday that I would be picking them up that afternoon.

"But you're taking us? Why are you picking us up too? Aren't we carpooling anymore?" asks Drew.

"Yes, but Meg and Emma go to Kid's Club today," I reply.

"What's Kid's Club?" asks Drew.

"It's a before and after school program for kiddos who have parents that maybe have to work a little later than when you guys get out of school."

"I won't go to Kid's Club," retorts Drew.

"Why not?" asks Meg.

"Because my Dad works and Mom stays home and doesn't work at all because she takes care of us," answers Drew.

My head spins around and I choke down the pea soup I'm ready to spew, "Oh, honey, I DO work. All. Day. Every. Day. I work. I never get to LEAVE my job. Just because mommy's job is taking care of the family doesn't mean it's not work."

It's never too early to set these kids straight about stay-at-home-moms not working. Pflbt!

What's that? The "pflbt?" That's how you spell out a raspberry! You know... a raspberry... stick out your tongue and blow! Yeah, that's what it's spelled out as. Now you know. Don't you feel special knowing that?

Anyway, it fell awfully silent in the car after that. I guess stating your case to a bunch of kids can really be a conversational buzz kill. Duly noted. I do nothing and don't work.

But, back to the whole carpooling thing. In the mornings, I don't take the carpool even when it's our turn. ANDY DOES! It's a beautiful thing. And, honestly, I think it's very cool that Andy does it! Besides, it's on his way to work anyway so he drops the kiddos off. It saves me a trip out and if Ben's still sleeping -- he gets to stay asleep! It's awesome!

After all, I've generally been up since 5 am, have made breakfast, set the table, made sure they got up on time, ate, cleared the table, washed the pots/pans, wiped the counters down, got the boys ready, made sure their morning chores were completed, helped Drew get dressed and ensure the backpacks were packed.

And, generally, after all that -- even with being up since 5am, I'm still in my jammies and haven't eaten. I take care of myself after they all leave. I do this because (to me) my "job" in the morning (wow, it's a JOB but yet, I don't work. How is that possible?) is to make sure they're fed, dressed, rid of bed head, ready to face the day, with brushed teeth and happy dispositions.

I wake them at 6:45 with breakfast ON the table ready to be consumed. That gives them 45 minutes to eat, get dressed and face the day. I'm honestly thinking, however, that they need to get up at 6:30 because--man alive--Drew drags his feet with EVERYTHING in the morning. He is his father's son and is NOT a morning person. He's a s-l-o-w eater. When he goes upstairs to get dressed, if there's a Lego to be found, he's playing with it. If there is a Star Wars droid, he's waging a battle in the bedroom in his underwear with maybe one sock on. It's just so silly. Maybe when he realizes that he has to get up at 6:30 becuase of this, he will rethink the whole, I'm not getting ready on time. I want them to feel like they're not rushed at all.

But, like I said, it's kinda cool that my man is a carpoolin' dad. I bet he never thought he'd be driving in a carpool. Well, he may take them to school in his Expedition, but I'm still rollin' in the swaggar wagon when I go pick them up!

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Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Never too soon for sure! Plus I love your raspberry spelling.

My daughter once told me it would be a "bummer" if she had to go to daycare.

That made me feel good!