Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have a friend I've known since, gosh -- forever and a day. Seriously, I'm talking -- it's been since elementary school! Yikes! That's a mighty long time.

My friend is just an average man. He lives near me. He has a really sweet, personable wife who stays home and takes care of him. He has no children. He is upgrading his house. He drives a truck for a living. He keeps a modest standard to his life. He and his wife are really just a normal, typical married couple in most aspects.

He texted me a few days ago after hearing I was under the weather to see how I was. I replied that the doctor wanted to put me on a steroid but since I was nursing, I refused. He commented something about the fact that that was because I was a good mom or something. Then he proceeded to tell me about this woman in his trailer park that was smoking pot while she was nursing her baby. Personally, I was just... dumbfounded. How any mother could love her child enough to bring them into the world... and then CHOOSE breastfeeding for it's many benefits which are too numerous to list but them basically force drugs your baby??? WHAT THE HELL?!

But, he text it to me like it was nothing. It was just nothing. Well, it may have been nothing to HIM, but it was seriously something to me. I called my mom (retired police). I called my friend Ellen (who works as a director in Austin for Child Protective Services). Both told me that it's a crime for ME to not report it now that I'm aware of it. So, yes, I'm Jiminy Crickett and I wanted to speak out to protect this child--this child that I don't know. This child that deserves SO MUCH BETTER than to have drugs forced fed to it. So I called CPS and made a report. The only problem -- I have no name, no address. Only a few scattered details that I don't really remember. It will take more than ME to help protect this infant.

My friend, he chose to do nothing. That makes me very, very sad. I seriously second guess myself for even considering someone that wouldn't stand up for the rights for a child... a friend of mine. I know that sounds quite harsh but GEEZ. If you won't stand up for something...

The fact that he wouldn't even consider saying something led me to post this for my thought of the day on Facebook:

Choosing to do what's right isn't always easy but at least you know it's always RIGHT! Or to quote one of my favorite movies, "A strong man stands up for himself. A stronger man stands up for others."

It obviously wouldn't be EASY to turn in your neighbor becuase, after all, YOU have to live near them. But how can you LIVE with YOURSELF knowing that is going on and you don't do something about it. Where CAN and WILL you draw the line? It's okay to force feed the kid drugs but what about molestation? What about animal cruelty? What about ... so many things.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? I don't think so. It's a CHILD. It's a beautiful creature that God chose to give someone to take care of.... NOT consume anything that has potentially to adversely effect its developing brain.

However, you have to understand this man, my friend. He minds his business. He doesn't want to be in yours. He doesn't want you in his. He doesn't like the law, the cops, rules, regulations, the government. He's a rebel. But at what point is all that more important than standing up for the little ones that can't stand up for themselves. At what point DO you make something YOUR business because it's effecting someone or something that can't stand up for itself? When do you become the hero for those who have no voice?

I contacted CPS. They contacted him. I doubt he will do anything about it. If he chooses that, I can't say that he's the friend or the man that I thought he was. I would have thought that he'd choose to be courageous and brave and I hope he chooses that over being a coward. This whole situation leaves me very conflicted.


MaryC said...

You are absolutely right! NOT okay. I was an abused child and no one helped me. It was horrible to grow up feeling I had no one to depend on except myself. He should be ashamed of himself and frankly doesn't deserve a friend like you BUT you may be the only real example he has and because of that, I say don't dump him. But let him know that it's not okay to leave a child behind. Because it isn't. Ever. Okay.
Love U, girl!

chksngr said...

One of the things that I believe makes America unique in the world is that we foster the belief that somebody must defend the defenseless, stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. It is supposed to be a pillar of the Christian faith and it is something that was woven into the American fabric long ago. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) I'm with you sister...when the strong don't want to defend the weak because they don't want to get in their business, its the triumph of lethargy...and thus evil.