Friday, September 3, 2010


... it seems like such a natural thing, doesn't it? It is kind of like breathing. You don't think about it. You just breathe.

You don't think about swallowing, you just swallow... until you have a tonsil that feels like it's either about to explode or that is at such a place that... well, it honestly feels like -- you know when you're taking medication (a pill) and you don't take a drink BEFORE you try to swallow it and it sticks to the back of your throat and you have to take a couple of drinks to get it to go down? Imagine having that feeling like. ALL.DAY.LONG! It sucks.

This started a day or so ago... started with the fact that the AC unit in my bedroom died. Luckily (for me) there has been a cold front move in so that it's only about 80 in my bedroom -- 77 at night. Which, if you know me and how much I luuuuurve to have it about 40 in there and snuggle up under the covers, realize that it still sucks but at least it sucks a little less without all the direct sun and some great cloud coverage to minimize that western direct sun right into my bathroom just heating up my room. Because of this, and having had not one, not two but three services on the unit -- it's just dead I'm afraid. It still cools off AT NIGHT but it's not until about 1-2 in the morning until it reaches the 77 degree mark. So, I've just been sleeping with a sheet over me and we brought in two fans to help out.

Well, the night before last I had a sore throat in the morning. I thought this was because of having a fan blowing on me all night. You know, the whole dry air kind of thing. It seemed to get a little better or I just didn't think about it much. But, I was really feeling kind of run down and tired (not like me). Then about midnight I woke up and could barely swallow. First though? Strep! UGH!

If you'll remember, Josh had strep throat the first day of school. But, the incubation period is too long for me to have gotten it from him. I immediately logged into Care Now's website to see how late they were open. They closed at 10. Dang the luck. I went ahead and did a "web check-in" in hopes that a) I could make it for the morning and b) I would be the first on their call list. I went up to ask Andy if he thought I should go to the ER. He always is the voice of reason. I just know that I, as a mom, can't afford to get sick. The house will cease to exist as we know it! I'm up surfing Facebook for hours at a time last night. I was afraid to go to bed.

Ben, he's still under the weather too. I start to fear that I've gotten him sick too. I remember night before last I did take a bite off his spoon just to show him what "bite" was. He'd never had applesauce and rice cereal before so I was giving him a new taste. He did okay. So, I start second guessing all my things I've done.. did I pick my nose and touch him... did I rub his eyes without washing my fingers.... how could I have gotten him sick? It's driving me nuts.

Ben was a little fussy but I got him back to sleep and then I start to drift back to sleep when I realize that I needed to get my phone from the car because that is where my alarm is (whoops.) So, wake up Ben or try to do it without an alarm. I chose the latter.

I woke up again at 5 something when my brain told me "you forgot something!" It was those stupid postcard sets for the fundraiser I bit Josh's head off. I was able to extricate myself from the bed while keeping Ben asleep (he's having to sleep with his head elevated or his nose stuffs up so much he can't breathe out of it). I came into the living room and filled out the 22 addresses (11 for each kid) and then sent out an e-mail telling everyone when they got it, don't worry about it. We want them to buy their magazines and renewals from the boys direct so that they got credit for it.

Speaking of... if anyone wants to renew or subscribe to a magazine - let me know! :) Both of my boys are wanting one of those dumb little prizes and since they both go to the same school and are selling the SAME thing, it's hard to buy a lot... so, if you want to help out two cuties -- :) I'll give you a web address where you can order and they get credit! :) Thanks. (sorry, shameless plug!)

I wake up at 7:00 a.m. I realize I've overslept by 15 minutes! DANG! Andy, Josh AND Drew are actually in the kitchen getting some cereal. I'm relieved. So relieved. Josh (the grown up) got everyone up in time. Andy's alarm goes off at 6:30 I think...maybe 6:45 but Josh saved the day and got Drew up for me. So, as a thank you, I picked him up something today.

I decide to get dressed and hope that Care Now will call me ASAP. 7:40 a.m. my cell rings. It's them. THANK YOU JESUS. I head that way. While I'm in the waiting room, I call to schedule an appointment for Ben since he's been kind of sickly, too. I get called back almost immediately (God bless web check in!) They do a rapid strep test which comes back negative. The doctor comes in within minutes and said that it could be a false negative and that I could still be in the early stages of it. He could tell that my tonsil was really huge and said he would prescribe me a steroid for the pain and inflammation but since I'm nursing ... I just said not to worry about it. I just got an Rx for an antibiotic. I'd love the inflammation and pain to go away pronto BUT not at the risk of any weird/unknown side effects because I'm nursing. He did say if it's not better in 3-4 days to come back. THREE TO FOUR DAYS? DANG GINA! I was in and out of there in less than 40 minutes. WOW!

I left there... went to Wal-Greens (or Wall-Grun's, as my dad likes to call it), got my Rx filled, hit Whataburger for a taquito and a Diet Coke (gotta stay hydrated--ha!) and then headed home. I played with Ben in the jumparoo, nursed him, and got a phone call from my good friend Landy and talked to her for about an hour... then it was time to pack up Ben and head to the pediatrician for his 11:30 appointment. We were in and out of there quickly. He checked his ears and throat... his symptoms are just a little cold. I told him how I kiss all over him and he grabs my face and mouth and nose and that I fear he may get what I get. Dr. Knapp said that I'd rather see a family a little more for being warm and close than to never see them because they're cold and distant. That's a nice thought, isn't it? He said, "No mommy guilt. You did nothing wrong. Kids get sick. It's their way to build up their immune system. It's okay." If he does develop anything it'll be a secondary infection to what he has now (little cold) and so that's when he'd need to see him again. Otherwise, he'll just have a little cold until it runs its course.

I stopped off and got me a big sweet tea from McDonald's and now Ben's swinging, the dogs are outside, I'm draggin butt BUT... big picture:

the sky is blue
the weather is beautiful
we got much needed rain
my family is intact
we are (relatively speaking) healthy
my boys love school
we do not have to go without
i have a beautiful home
i have an adorable pair of pooches
and, while I don't like my present bodily "state"... it's just a temporary part of my walk in motherhood.
I may be a little under the weather but in general,

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brandt! said...

I love this post ... you have a great attitude .. truly!
Hope you are feeling better!!