Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monday Mayhem - Over rated!

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

This is the hip and cool place to be on a Monday. For each of the prompts below, mention something that is over-rated. (over-rated means that it is not as good as someone or someone's say it is)

Have fun!!!

1. Name a restaurant that is over-rated? Wow, an over-rated restaurant... I know Chili's is but doesn't EVERYONE know that?

2. What food is over-rated? Chocolate

3. Name an experience that you have had that is/was over-rated? Senior prom

4. What celebrity is over-rated? Take your pick...

5. What movie is/was over-rated? Titanic... or, surprisingly enough, by the same director, that one with the blue animated people

6. What famous person is over-rated? Barack Obama

7. Would you rather be over-rated or under-rated? Under-rated

8. What or who is the most over-rated thing in the world? See answer to #6

9. Is there something that your S.O. (spouse etc ) likes a lot that you think is over-rated? Football

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