Thursday, January 13, 2011


Isn't it crazy that the first month of the new year is almost half gone? Wow... time flies!

Today I had all kinds of productive plans. And that's about as far as it got. You see "had" is the key word in that sentence. Ben started running a fever. I can't get rid of this pflegm-y cough and runny nose. Much needed to be done, yet we didn't do much at all.

I took the kids to school because I had to attend a room mom meeting to discuss the final parties of the year and then while we were there Ben fell and hit his head on the ground (ouch). That pretty much set the tone to his day.

The rest of my day was pretty average. I played in the floor with a clingy 9 month old who seems to be getting braver every day with letting go of whatever he clings to in order to take a step. I love how he's started to clap lately. He does it usually when he's upset. Could you imagine if we all just clapped when we were upset? What a funny world it would be. Either that or his outstretched hand(s) like he's hearing some silent sermon and has to extend his "hallelujah hands" in the air!

The only other significant thing of the day was that it was COLD. I could NOT get warm! I had on socks, shoes, jeans, a long sleeved turtleneck AND a big ole honkin' sweater and I was still cold! I needed to move but I had no energy to do so. I did what anyone else would do -- I built a fire! It felt good. The boys were starting to get on my nerves after school (picking on one another which starts the whining which starts the tattle-tails which starts the I'm-going-to-cry/scream/whine-so-loud-mom-will-hear-me-regardless-of-where-she-is-on-the-planet-and-you-will-get-in-trouble-acts) so I told them to play Yahtzee.

They went and got the game and went to the table. I never heard them roll. I asked, "Aren't ya'll going to play?"

"We're waiting for you."

My reply? "Ok, can you tell me how dinner is going to get made if I'm playing Yahtzee?" YOu'll have to remember that when I'm tired (and I was very and didn't feel good either), sarcasm oooozes from my pores.

I tell them to go ahead and start to play. Josh pouts. He then explains that he wants to play but he doesn't want to have to learn how to play. Yeah, that makes sense. I remind him that having to depend on everyone else becuase he won't take the time to learn to play is silly. He likes strategy. He likes Yahtzee. Learn the play the stupid game. That's laziness. It's annoying.

The phone rings and they both hear it becuase everyone looks around for the phone. I find it and I answer. They then just start SCREAMING as if it's not hard enough to chase a 9 month old away from the dog food while making dinner and trying to talk on the phone at the same time. They had made virtually NO noise whatsoever, yet I get on the phone and it takes negative two point three seconds for them to start to scream. Seriously, at that point, the head-spinning and pea-soup-spittin started!


Seriously, how stupid that I'm screaming for them not to scream.

Don't judge.

The irony of that entire exchange just now made itself known to me -- not while I was in the moment. In the moment, I was so pissed. And tell me, those darn Duggar kids, they never act like that do they? And the mom never screams? How can you have 19 kids and never scream? Seriously, I must be doing something wrong. BUT, I did get their attention!

Anyway, Andy was trying to carry on a conversation and I was like... DONE. I just said that I just had to go. LOL. Talking on the phone in that instant was just insanity and was only exacerbating the situation.

Regardless of how I felt during the day, however, I should have gone to the grocery store but I was being sweet to my little one and let him nap at home rather than in a grocery cart. Thus, because of my lack of grocery-gettin' we were pantry challenged!

For dinner, I had to look in the pantry and find anything that I could to throw together for dinner since I hadn't thawed a single thing (bad mommy!). I wasn't too hungry so I made them nachos and soft tacos. (I ate a bowl of yogurt with some granola and peaches.)

Andy came home just as I was pulling out his tray of nachos and I grabbed my new cookbook -- The Pioneer Woman Cooks and went to read it by the fire. It was heaven. Pure heaven. A few minutes of "me" with a book and a fire. Bliss.

The night consisted of that, and an 8:30 p.m. bedtime.

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Brandt! said...

OMG Woman .. you are hilarious! Sounds to me like you were coming down with something!I hope you're feeling better. So this morning going into work it was 2 degrees .. I hear you on being cold .. that's cold!
Don't you love it when you hit the "done" state .. just plain done. Leave Mom alone .. she's done .. her head might start spinning .. about 3 years ago, I was driving around lost in Austin with the two kids in the car .. my loving girl wanted Burger King, and kept at me insisting on having it immediately .. finally she said "mom, maybe you wouldn't be lost if you ate something to fuel your brain .." That was the magic statement .. I was done! I told her to "shut up" .. words that were not allowed in my house ..yup, mother of the year .. another trophy on the shelf!!