Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Theeeeey're heeeeEEEEeere!

Isn't it cool how some phrases, when said correctly, can just take you right back to a certain place in a movie?!

So you're wondering, what, exactly is here. It's not like I've made any announcements here about anything being on its way. But, I tell you Josh will know what I'm talking about. When I tell him, "They're here." He will know exactly what I mean.

You see, this child needed ANOTHER pair of shoes. Yes, he just got some Zigs for Christmas but darn it if his feet won't stop growing! And, since he's playing basketball and wanted some, I got him a pair of hi-tops...and, well, they came today. So, THEY.ARE.HERE.

These are here.

Not that he will be able to wear them for anything OTHER than basketball (until basketball season is over) but, regardless, they're here and he'll be excited.

We had this conversation about hi-tops the other day and why he needed those as opposed to just a traditional sneaker.

"Mom, they make you jump higher."

Me, "No, that power would come from your thighs."

"Well, they make you pivot better."

"Um, no again. That comes from your torso, legs and feet."

"Josh, by your reasoning, if I buy an apron, it makes me a better cook."

"... hmmm... well, they look cool!"

And, THEREIN lies the logic of why THIS basketball player needed hi-tops.


Keli said...

:) He's a smart one!

Frugal Vicki said...

yep, dang kids have an excuse for everything, don't they?