Monday, January 24, 2011

Read the labels!

The doctors will tell you to read the labels. Your nutritionist will tell you to read the labels. Your personal trainer will tell you to as well.

Yeah, yeah. We get it! We get it!

We look and we see this.


Right? Now that's exciting!

Well, when you're in a hurry and the night is late and it's time to bathe your baby. Just a word of caution... be sure you still... READ THE LABEL! Otherwise you will likely wind up with this


instead of this


(Go ahead and snicker. Just get it out of your system!) Yeah, major laughter. I was just going through the motions.

Bottle of bath wash empty.
Toss it in the trash can.
Grab a new one from under the counter.
Set it on the edge of the tub.
Run bath.
Insert baby.
Wet hair.
Open top.
Splurt it on his head.
Start to rub it in and then immediately realize there is a huge mistake.

Well, CRAP, his hair is FULL of lotion. Guess I should have...

ok, let's say it all together now...


Break out the good old fashioned Johnson & Johnson's we keep under the sink as a backup.

End result is the same... clean baby.

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chksngr said...

tee hee...this happens to me a lot...cuz when I'm busy, there are things happenin' at break-neck speed!