Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Drafts

Wouldn't it be nice to think that sometimes are lives are like my blog posts... saved in "Draft" form until they can be submitted for a last edit, perfected and then put out there as a perfect final draft? Well, in theory it would be nice but what about all those great life lessons you learn along the way from the ups and downs? I wouldn't want to surf my way through life having everything be all rainbows and butterflies.... how we react to challenge, adversity, change and struggle is what shapes us as individuals. It's what makes you YOU!

So, while my life is not full of first drafts and final edits, my blog is! Ha! I have about a months' worth of draft posts just sitting there patiently waiting (unlike my children), screaming (more like my children) to be posted! I have a bunch of posts from December. I have my 2010 wrap up post. I have my "looking ahead" post on the beginning of a new year. Heck, I still have days of the Advent Calendar activities just waiting to go up. I was going to add photos to the drafts but have decided not to. (Just in the interest of getting them up on the blog!) I have the pictures and can ultimately match those up with the story when I scrapbook them. After all, that's what my blog really started out to be -- a documentation of the journaling to accompany the photos of my scrapbooks.

Randomness --

Today: Today is the day that the Christmas decorations finally come down! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my house all "done up" for the Big Guy's birthday, but after a while, I really just want my house back! It's beyond impossible to get anything done during the day that I want to do (like blogging, surfing, reading, crafting) when there are so many things that need to be done. Then throw in this little guy who apparently thinks I'm supposed to feed him and change his poopy diapers. The nerve of that kid! LOL

So, I haven't had time to finish anything -- except for right now! I had to sit down to do this so that I didn't forget! Ha!

Today is also the day that I go up to Drew's school and present his teacher with her "half-birthday" gift (a new CD/boom box/cassette player) from the classroom. Yes, among my other duties, I signed up to be room mom for Drew's class. His teacher's birthday is in the summer and I didn't want her to feel left out SO, I thought it'd be fun to throw her a "half-birthday" party.

I got a mom to volunteer to make cupcakes and I sent out a request for donations to get her a classroom gift and told them what it was and that anything over and above the gift would be in a generic gift card that would be placed in a card for her.

While I totally understand the whole "donation" thing -- that you're asking for donations and you can't give a suggested amount since it is a donation which means voluntary... it's just sad to me that when all anyone has to do is send in as little as $5 or $10 to cover a gift for a teacher that loves on and spends more time with our kids in a day than WE do... I only get THREE people submitting donations. It just makes me sad. This woman is really just so wonderful! She's so sweet and loving and prays for our kids and blesses them with patience and understanding and three people submitted donations.

But, at least with my donation, we had enough to purchase the gift for her that is from the entire class... just seems sad (to me) that everyone gets credit when only four of us (out of 15) put in any "work." Hmmm... seems like there's a really big way to tie this into something political... such a perfect parallel, huh? Ok ok ok... I won't even go there.... Ha ha... just kidding. The IMPORTANT thing is that we are glorifying God in blessing His servant and being thankful she was born! That's the important thing... period.

Ultimately, I understand the important part is that she is gifted with something and knows she's loved and appreciated and such... but I still think it's just in bad taste to do nothing at all. If you've got your kid in a private school, you can obviously spare $5 or $10 to put toward a group gift to an amazing person. That's all I'm saying.

Among other randomness... the weather -- it's supposed to get cold and ugly the next couple of days. Cold as in HIGHS in the low 30s and UGLY as in RAIN! Cold and rain are YUCK! Cold, I can deal with (and, by the way, so can Lola now that she's got her fancy new fleece jacket that is GIRLIE color (pink!!))

And what does this woman do when the weather gets ugly? I make CHILI! :) So, tonight it is lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic bread. Tomorrow it's chili and cornbread and Sunday it's STEW and cornbread. I think I'm on a cornbread kick right now! YUM!

So... I'm still here and keeping notes, but not finalizing my blog posts because they're just brainstormed lists so that I don't forget what the heck I'm up to! So, as it stands, right now, all the fun events of life are being lived out, but for the blog, they're still in draft mode. :)

Fun things are coming up for us, however... our Valentine Advent calendar is in full planning mode!

I mean, it's a new year, it's time for new fun! Right? Who's with me?

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