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One of the disadvantages of taking a blogging hiatus is that you don't get to take part in sharing little pieces of yourself for the word to read.  Did you not just miss your daily dose of awesomeness?  Ha!

I missed Saturday 9!  I love music.  I love a well thought out meme.  I LOVE THIS meme ... because it's always about music!  Today's topic -- CHER!

1) In 1998, Cher became the oldest woman to top the Billboard Hot 100 with "Believe." She was 52 at the time. At what age do you think you did hit/will hit your prime?  I will never reach my "prime" because I have no intentions of growing up.  Ever.  I think 41 is a good age.  Oh, hey, what a coincidence!  I AM 41.

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2) Cher is as well known for her outrageous outfits as for her singing. What's the latest piece of clothing you added to your wardrobe?  I got this AWESOME sweatshirt from this AMAZING shop on Etsy.  Everyone must go buy one NOW.  We should all wear them at the same time.  Power to the pooches!  

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3) Cher credits her unique looks to her diverse ethnicity. Her father was Armenian and her mom is English/German/Cherokee. From where did your ancestors come?  She should credit her looks to plastic surgery.  To be honest, however, I have no idea the true source of my lineage.  I know there are Chocktaw Indian bloodlines through my family but to see my pasty white ass and assume I have any "red" blood coursing through these veins is laughable, at best.  Heyyyyyyy, maybe I should use that type of "native american" lineage on some type of application to get preferential treatment.  Now there's an idea!  

4) When she was a little girl, Cher produced and starred in a schoolyard production of Oklahoma. Were you involved in drama or theater in school?  Yes.  It began very young.  My sister and I loved to sing and dance.  We used to put on musicals, plays, magic shows and such for our family.  We would dance to and with the Solid Gold dancers.  If you're too young to remember THESE days, your childhood really must have sucked.

Then I started school.  I was a major part in every school play we had and generally always had a major role and/or a solo singing line.  School choir.  Drama.  Who's who... you name it.  I was in the middle of it. Then you move on in life... and hit the bars to sing LOTS and LOTS of karaoke with friends... won a lot of money doing that.  Good times... good times!

5) Cher is open about her plastic surgery, speaking freely about having had her breasts 'done', her nose bobbed and her teeth straightened. If you could change one physical feature about yourself, which would it be? And what would you never change, under any circumstances?  I would LOVE to have a breast reduction.  I don't care what ANY man says, there IS such a thing as TOO MUCH of a good thing.  And when you're quite petite (as I am, 5'2"), anything over a C is WAAAAAY too much.  I realize this is TMI but... you asked. :)  Boob job.  There ya have it.

6) There's a stubborn rumor, often denied, that Cher had a rib removed so that she could maintain her long and lean silhouette. What's the most outrageous thing anyone has said of you?  I tend to dismiss most anything anyone says about me frankly because I don't care.  

7) When she was a kid, Cher practiced her autograph. Do you have a clear, legible signature? Or is it more of a scrawl?  My signature is a scribble... it looks something similar to a star.  I hate signing my name.  
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8) Cher asks, "Do you believe in life after love?" Crazy Sam's question is easier and less profound: Do you believe in luck?  Do I believe in luck?  While that may seem a simple question on the surface, it's actually quite thought provoking.  Luck, by definition, is some outside force that could BY CHANCE bring about good fortune.  So it's almost a sort of superstitious thing to wish someone "good luck," but I do it all the time.  I'm NOT superstitious   I think to say "good luck" is just another way of saying, "I hope things go well for you."  

However, if you want to delve into the whole spiritual aspect of it, and I have before, Christians shouldn't believe in luck because everything in their lives isn't left to luck but is actually already known by the creator of life and all within its realm.  In sports, is it LUCK that makes a running back catch the ball and run in for a touchdown or is it merely a series of unfortunate mistakes on the opposing team that allows such a thing to happen?  Or, is it just skill?  

On the surface, I do NOT believe in luck -- that there are any forces at play helping decide anyone's fate one way or the other.  Do I SAY "good luck" to people?  Yes.  Not because I want them to believe I think there are any supernatural aligning of the cosmos for an outcome to weigh in their favor, I just want them to know that I'm pulling for them and it's a lot easier to say than explaining all of the above.
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9) Did you make any resolutions for 2014?  Nope.

Play along... you know you wanna!  Click below for the next Saturday 9!

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Paula said...

I laughed out loud when you said that Cher should credit her looks to plastic surgery!! Amen! And then when you talked about "native american" linage on an application for preferential treatment...I said "right on" but it was the comment that said "I then to dismiss anything anyone says about me because frankly I don't care" that I said hallelujah, April is back!!!