Friday, January 10, 2014


Five Minute Friday

Join me here for Five Minute Friday. Topic or word given. Write for five minutes. Easy peasy!

Today's word: See

856pm - GO

Life is a series of complete contradictions.  What we see is not what 99% of people see.

I drive into my driveway and I see the sand all over the place.  I see the break in the grout line that I need to get fixed.  I see the light fixtures outside that I would like to have painted.

I pull into the garage.  A three-car garage with just one vehicle.  There is room for two.  One side is full of crap.  I see the crap.  The things that never find their homes once they've been removed for play.  I see the water stains on the floor from a leaky extra fridge...

I walk in the house and I see the hole in the wall from Benji continually breaking the door stops... which, of course, will lead to a door slam and a doorknob sized hold in the sheetrock.

I see the doghair in the floor.

I see the piles of plates, dishes, pots an everything left all over the counter because it seems I'm the only one that DOES see this and chooses to do anything about it.

I see the dirty floor.  I see the weathered and worn hardwoods in need of refinishing...

I see an entire house full of imperfections..

but if I FOCUS on those, it will drive me nuts.  I choose to SEE my beautiful home.  I see my children have eaten cucumbers rather than chips... I see that my dogs are happy and warm and cared for.... I see that we have some minor details that need attention... but I'll see what I can do about that at a later time -- when it actually matters.

901pm - STOP


Rachel from Redeeming Her said...

This is great perspective, thanks for sharing!!

Jen @ Growing in Faith said...

Only seeing those details could be the downfall of us all! But looking beyond it and seeing all blessings...much better! :) Great post!!

Patricia Pitterle said...

Love this one today. Too often I only see the negative and forget to look around me at the blessings. Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

I have seen nothing but the imperfections in my life lately. This was a good reminder to look past the imperfections to the people behind those minor annoyances!

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to the crap in the garage and the dog hair on the floors, and I often focus on those things too. Working on letting go of the expectations I put on myself to have a "perfect" home, because it turns out that there is happiness in the imperfections somehow. It means we are too busy living to obsess about cleaning :) Thanks for sharing your perspective, FMF friend!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That my dear is what it is all about. Looking at the good!