Friday, January 17, 2014


I have started to really love Five-Minute Friday.  You're given a word and you just write in a stream-of-consciousness for five minutes.

Today's word:  Encouragement


Encouragement is a big word.  It doesn't, however, have to be a big action.

I find that encouragement (for me) is often found in the little things ... an hand squeeze... a text to say "hi"... a look... a hug.

For children, however, it's another creature... they spend their days in a classroom where they're not supposed to disagree with an instructor because that's rude.  They're taught that challenging authority is frowned upon and disrespectful.  They must, however, be given encouragement to stand up for their rights, beliefs and opinions even if it means that they are questioning the very authority from which they learn.

As a parent, you have to fill them to the brim with encouragement so that they have the internal framework with which to fight those fights  Encouragement lets them be comfortable in their own skin.  They know that as they expend their courage, their cups will be continually filled with the encouragement of you and others.

This is a great way team sports operate successfully -- through the encouragement of each other.  To be successful at individual sports, you have to have an inner drive like no other.  However, in a team environment, you can really dig deep with the encouragement of others.

It's powerful.



Paula said...

And you said it very well. I think it is so important to give encouragement to kids. Even though it is hard to do when they are rolling their eyes or mumbling under their breaths!!

Jen Bradbury said...

I'm popping in from Five MInute Fridays. While I don't yet have kids, as a youth worker, I definitely agree that encouragement is vital for kids! Keep up the good work in encouraging yours!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That is VERY powerful. I'm working hard on the stop take a moment and say something instead of always on the move!