Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm back!

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Another new year, another new blog post.  Yay me!

To be quite honest, I have had the itch to write for some time now, but I hadn't taken the opportunity to act upon it because I thought I would wait for the new year since it was just around the corner.


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However, you see, I'm in quite of a hypocritical conundrum.  I have always thought it absurd for anyone to wait to do anything because of some anecdotal superstition that New Years Resolutions must be made.  While I think it silly for people to wait until after any particular "day" to start something new ... like "I'm going to start exercising after the new year" or "I'll quit... [insert bad habit du jour here]" AFTER THE NEW YEAR, I actually WAS waiting for 1/1/14 to begin my blog journey again.

But generally speaking why anyone would feel the need to wait for something to happen until "after the new year"... I see that as a complete excuse.  A butt-ugly excuse.  Excuses are like assholes.  Everyone has them.  They all stink.

If you want to make a change.


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Make it now.

Because a year from now, you will have wish you had started TODAY.

However, knowing how I feel about resolutions, and then using the new year as a built in snooze button for my creative endeavors makes me feel like somewhat of a hypocrite because I was waiting to start blogging again until after the new year.  Even so, I don't have a goal to blog every day.  I just have a goal to blog regularly.

I'm starting my Project Life / Capture Your 365 project today.  I love these journeys.

I've completely streamlined my daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.... and other tasks lists so that they're completely digital and integrated within my Google calendar.  I'm so happy to have found this awesome app called Remember The Milk.  It's taken me from paper checklists to a portable digital checklist.  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE lists... checklists and reminders so that I don't forget to complete said lists?  This app is awesome.

I've taken control of my calendar again and have actually scheduled in blocks and chunks of time for my interests, hobbies, educational outlets, volunteering and such.  My time is valuable and I must use it wisely.  Thanks to Erin Condren I am able to do it more colorfully than ever before!

I have set lofty goals -- a lot of them.  They are not, however, tied to a resolution based on a new date in a calendar.  Mine are just goals that I have for my life in general.  I consider a goal an entirely different species from a resolution.

Me?  I don't need a resolution.  I think those are stupid.  People make them and then break them... and go back to their old ways.  They gave it a good run, didn't they?

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However, a goal -- MY goals... they're a journey.  Not just a rule.  I already KNOW that I will stumble and fall.  The difference between those making resolutions and me is that I can guarantee one thing... I don't give up.  If you make a resolution -- you will fail at reaching it.  I only fail if I don't pick myself back up, dust myself off and try again.  You only fail when you quit trying.  

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So, cheers to you all and your resolutions. Happy 2014.  I hope you make it your best one yet!


Paula said...

Sounds to me like you have it all pulled together. I agree with you about goals versus resolutions. I have been working on my post for today and I am purposely not posting it cause I don't want it to look like resolutions. Happy to hear from you!!!

**** April **** said...

TESTING one two three