Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I had a strange thing happen today.  A very strange thing.  A dear friend from MOPS brought me (and my family) dinner.  Let me re-emphasize that last phrase.  A dear friend from MOPS brought ME dinner.  ME?  

When she called to make sure I was home, I was certain she had the wrong person.

I wasn't ill.

I hadn't just had a baby and needed meal assistance.

I didn't have any extraneous pulls on my schedule (other than normal).  

I hadn't had surgery.

We hadn't had a death in the family.

I had no reason for someone to go out of their way for me... but someone did.  Mary did.

She just thought about me... and wanted to do something for me.  And DID!

She made me a homemade meal... and drove 30 minutes to bring it to me... visited just a bit... and left.  

Just like that.

Who does that?

Who does that... for me?  

No one.

No one... until now.

I am typically the first to ask about meals for the ill, new moms and for the families of moms that may have had surgery or a rough time.  Sometimes I ask and sometimes, I just take.  It's usually me on the other end so it was quite humbling to be the recipient of someone's love, grace, time, talents...

That one small, simple, kind, heart-felt gesture filled me with so much... I feel like my heart could burst.  Someone did something for me that I'm fully capable of doing myself just because... just because they wanted to do something nice... just for me.

I'm not sure if I can even convey the level of "full" my heart-o-meter is experiencing.  But it was so full, it made my eyes tear up... 

I hope if you get the urge to do something for someone... don't ask... just DO.  Like Mary.  


Paula said...

That is a wonderful friend!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow I just love people like that! What a fab idea!!!