Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Stealing - They're Coming To Take Me Away

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The Generic Meme

1. What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be a police officer, like my mom.  Or, one of Charlie's Angels.  
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2. Would you prefer to have a large group of friends, or a small group of friends? Why?  
I have both.  I have a large circle of friends that I communicate with and keep up with.  I also, however, have a small circle of intimate friends that I can count on for anything, call in a moment's notice, know that if they are in need -- I'm someone they count on.  You know the whole "a friend in need..." is true.  Nothing says friendship like having a bull dog slip ya a card with his toe... 
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3. What is your fashion “style”? Or what type of clothes do you wear on a daily basis?
I am sans style.  I hate to shop.  I, therefore, am not trendy.  My style is "comfort" and that can mean different things at different times.  Sweats, yoga pants, baseball pants, jeans, flannel.  Oh wait.. Flannel PAJAMAS!  Now THAT is my fashion choice. 

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4. If you could live anywhere where would you live?
Colorado.  Period.
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5. What is your biggest hope for the next year?
This IS the next year .... I mean, it's ONLY January 6, so I'm going to assume you're speaking of 2014.  My biggest hope is that I get Crohn's under control, get regular, peaceful, restful sleep and become a regular at the gym again.  
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6. When you pass by reflective surfaces do you check yourself out?  
Yes.  Generally speaking, I don't like what I see.
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7. Favorite genre of movie as well as TV show?
I like anything that lets me lose myself... it can be any genre.  I enjoy a good western like Open Range like I do a romantic comedy like When Harry Met Sally as much as a sci-fi like Lord of The Rings or a drama like The Untouchables.

8. Top favorite books? (limit of 5)
I don't do favorites.  I can give you some of my favorites, but they're necessarily my top 5.  

1) The Harry Potter (SERIES).  I refuse to select one as "the" best.  While there are some better than others, I'm lumping them together in one grouping.  
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2) The Lord of the Ring and the Hobbit -- pretty much anything dealing with Middle Earth
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3)  Hamlet by Shakespeare
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4) Little Women
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5) A Light in the Attic
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9. Have you ever taken a cooking class?
Absolutely.  Loved it.  

10. What three words would you use to describe yourself?
Organized.  Opinionated.  Tired.

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11. Favorite animal?
How can you NOT love this little face?

12. What is your dream job?
I'm not sure.  

I could be all pie-eyed and say, I'm a mother, I already HAVE the best job ever... but that would be a complete load of bull malarky because unless you just LOVE repeated trips to Wal-Mart, the carpool lane, picking the SAME SHIT UP OVER AND OVER AND OVER and bringing people into the world who want to roll their eyes, throw all their clothes in their closet floor, can't make it in the toilet to SAVE THEIR LIVES and begin every conversation with "Mom, what's for _______" [insert meal time in blank], it really ISN'T the "best" job in the world.  Writing a brief to the Supreme Court is easier than this gig.  Seriously.

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13. If you could go back in history to any moment that you did not live, what would it be and why?
Wow.... the 50s would be quite cool.  Greasers... doowap music...
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However, I would love to go across country in the days of the early pioneers... you know, all Laura Ingalls - Little House On The Prairie.  
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or the roaring 20s era in New York City...

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... I can't decide.  You can't make me.

14. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?

This... would be fun.  You could hope for super strength -- like Mr. Incredible.  You could hope to fly -- like Superman.  You could want to turn invisible, but wouldn't you have to be naked to do that?  Hmmm.... I'm thinking being able to read minds... though that would probably just piss me off.  Flying would be overrated because you're only as comfortable as the weather you're flying in.  To control things with your mind -- now THAT would be a great way to mess with people.  I think invisible would be pretty cool.  Yes, I could be the ULTIMATE spy... and so now, my answer to #12 is done as well.  
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15. What is your favorite movie?
Again with the favorites.  I don't have "a" favorite anything.  

16. What is your best childhood memory?
Summers with my cousin, Laura, at my grandmother's house.

17. What is your favorite part about blogging?
The creative outlet, the memory keeping, the ability to make someone laugh.
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18. What is your favorite quote?
This, too, shall pass.
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19. What song do you feel like describes your life the best? Why?
They're Coming To Take Me Away

20. Would you describe yourself as shy or outgoing?
Outgoing.  However, it certainly depends on the situation, location and audience.  I'm very capable of blending in. I'm a social chameleon.
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Zippi Kit said...

This was a total GAS to read! lol!
The cat... We are watching My Cat From Hell, and it reminds me of that show. hahahaha!

Paula said...

I am hoping 'this too shall pass' and we share being opinionated....and I really don't care if people don't much like that. Do you?