Friday, January 24, 2014


Five Minute FridayFive Minute Friday

One word. Five minutes. Five minutes to spill everything without edits, concerns, contemplations.... just get it out.

Friday's word:  VISIT

Visit is a noun.  It's a verb.  It's a passive act.  It's a passing conversation.

You go VISIT grandma.  It's not for any extended period of time.  Just a brief respite in your daily life to take time to do something.  But... a visit in this sense of the word is very intentional.

You may pass someone in the hallway at school and stop for a brief visit.  However, it's typically chit chat about how busy you are and gosh, can you believe I'm still in sweats without a shower at 3pm?  Where does the time go.  Meaningless audible verbal diarrhea.  This is passive... you're engaged in this visit, because you have to be.

I would love for people to be more engaged and intentional... If you're going to take the time to ask someone about their day, really ASK and wait for a response.  Don't just visit, have a conversation.  Why?  Because you may just be what they need at that very moment.  Someone who wants to connect on a deeper level than just a visit.

I think, I guess, that this has more to do with being INTENTIONAL with your visits.  I'm not saying that every time you encounter someone, you need to come away with enough material to write your next novel.  I'm merely stating that people seem to be so passive... when do people enter the stage where you give a damn about someone else?

I do.

I want others to as well.

I have friends that send me random text message just to tell me hi... that they are thinking of me... asking how I'm doing.  I'm not sure they know but this -- even THIS kind of visit -- it's a blessing because they're ENGAGED.  Chelsea, Valerie, John, Elizabeth, Amy, Sharon, Michelle, Tamara, Kim, Misty, Angela, Travis, Manny, Kristin, Brooks, Bernadette, Laura, Teresa, Ali, Kym.... there are many others.... but these directed, intentional visits are precisely what it means to visit to me.

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paige said...

Yeh... I've found over the years I have less time for the passivity. Life is too short, go deep.