Monday, January 6, 2014

Snapshots from Instagram

I love social media.  As a stay-at-home-supermom (aka domestic engineer), it's my outlet, comic relief, long distance hug and sometimes the only way I can validate the feelings of wanting to choke out one of my kids. I don't do it, obviously.  I am not fond of orange jumpsuits, but that doesn't mean the incessant whining, hitting, instigating and trivial bullshit that can make your whole world feel as painful as a hangnail, doesn't make me want to duct tape little people to the wall!  Social media provides little moments of validation and reassurance from friends that get it... that get ME.  

That being said, I love Instagram.  It's like Facebook but without all the drama.  Where Facebook is you and your friends... Instagram is you... and the world.

I think I follow more Instagram accounts that are for Boston Terriers than should be allowed but they're SO DARN CUTE!  

I follow a lot of fitness and meal prep accounts as well.  You can never have too many clean eating ideas thrown your way!  Of this, I am certain!

I post some weird randomness on Instagram... so I thought I'd share some of my favorite Instagram posts with you.  

Oh, my feed is on the right hand side, you can find me there or on Instagram @ardriggs
10-08-13 Ben's visit to the ER to have his eye glued back together.

10-13-13 Bumblebee wears platforms in Vegas.

No, I didn't eat the poop shrimp.  Ewwww

Drew getting fit for glasses October 2013.

You get to see how my kids and I communicate.

Snapshots of daily life -- story time with Benji

My girlfriend's daughter said Josh looked like Zac Efron.  I looked him up and did a comparison.  It's close.  I wish I could get Josh to cut his hair that short!

Homecoming 2013.  Josh and his best friend (dates were in the next shot, this was funnier, though so it was blog worthy).

My kids bomb my grocery list.

Benji sleeps like a drunk.

And so does Moose

Trick-or-treating with the littlest Batman.

There are lots more fun moments in Instagram.  That was just a shapshot of last October.  

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh my his poor eye :(.

Ok I want you library! Heck I want your built ins!