Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Cooking We Will Go

Josh went to a cooking class today at The Dinner Station up the street. We got there and did a little experiment about germs... learned about nutrition... did an experiment with bananas and sprite to show how you need to chew your food well so it can absorb into your stomach lining. We learned how to properly set a table and then we learned about the different types of measuring (teaspoons, tablespoons and cups)

Then we went to make the kit to do dinner -- he measured out all the ingredients for spaghetti and meatballs... then made a dirt cake -- complete with two gummy worms. :) The spaghetti was pretty darn good! :) When we got home, we let the hamburger defrost so we could make the meatballs later before we left for the Cub Scout ice cream social at the pool.

He rolled meatballs, helped set the table, cleaned up... impressive! :) What a big boy. Yes, I should take pictures more ... i just suck lately, I know! :) But I have the memories. :) Ha!

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