Thursday, August 23, 2007

Meet the Teacher

Tonight was meet the teacher at Josh's school. He has Mrs. Holland. She is tall and very pretty. His friend Jack is in his class and their desks are together (for now) I know they won't stay that way. Ha! Hard to believe he's going to be in SECOND grade. Wow... seems like just yesterday he was going to kindergarten and I was "holding it together" until I left and cried all the way home in the car. Such a big boy. I didn't even have to buy him any school clothes with all the freebies he's gotten... I took him to the Gap and got him a pair of black Chuck Taylors (talk about cool!) :)

Drew wasn't up for being at meet the teacher so we were pretty much in and out like a flash... which is good because there wasn't that much room for a stroller in those crowded hallways. Man what a nightmare!

Any-who. :) So... two days... school days are here again!

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