Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed

Ha ha...doesn't that sound so official. I think right now I'm so tired I don't even know what I'm talking about (and I promise, it's not an Ambien induced tired... I'm just plum tuckered out!)

The last two days have been spent moving furniture, taking down curtains, rods, blinds, up and down and up and down the ladder because I've been painting. Why I decided to start painting my living room red mere days before a party, I have NO idea...but I did. And here's what it looked like mid-way through -- after the first coat. It hadn't had the blue painter's tape removed yet or any touch ups done, nor had it had a second coat. This is just a work in progress photo.

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Then I had to get my sweet little man to take a picture of me for my design team bio... thank God for Photoshop! Because he's not the best photographer and I am not the most photogenic person. I actually hate having my picture taken.

Here is the results of one of those... I felt like SUCH a freakin dork!

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or this
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OH...and we had BIG BIG News today -- saving the best for last. My baby pooped in the toilet ALL BY HIMSELF! I was just about to beam rays of sunshine from here to Antarctica. Without prodding, without reminder, he was upstairs in the playroom all alone (watching a movie and doing a puzzle). I kept hearing stuff banging around in the bathroom... he came down stairs and got in the candy drawer to bring me the Fun Dip to "open it" ... I was like... NO, you have to poop on the toilet to get one of these and he goes -- I DID poop on toilet. And he HAD! :) I was SO proud.... here's what a happy big boy looks like after being rewarded for doing it...he of COURSE got sugar! :) THIS is what a happy boy looks like when he "got it"
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This is aiming up to be a big BUSY week.... I need to finish this room completely by tomorrorow morning... tomorrow afternoon grab a quick lunch, gotta go pick up a months worth of food from Saving Dinner in Southlake (Love this place -- big plug and two thumbs up). Tonight I also need to go to a Cub Scout Leader meeting. After that, I am going to go out with a few of my late nighters that want to go hang out at the Main Event on a girls night out... that'd fun. I think i deserve it at the very least for all this STUFF I've been busy doing this past week!! Agreed? Inded!!.. I've also gotta go to the grocery store for my party on Thursday... gotta get wine for the girls! :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways... So I have a few things to do. No biggie. :) Friday night Josh and I are supposed to stay the night at the Ball Park in Arlington for a Cub Scout thing. Been there -- done that (that's what I had done for Josh's birthday) but am sure it'll be much more fun this time b/c I'll be bringing my own food. Nothing like your last "meal" being cracker jacks and pop rocks at 11:30 so that's until Saturday am when we get to come back take a nap and wake up top go see the CIRCUS@$!$!@ woo hoo... I hope Drew doesn' freak out like I think he will! LOL

and it'd beyond time for me to realize I should not be writing anymore... So, I bid you farewell.

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