Saturday, August 25, 2007

Halloween costumes for boys...

really suck. I just got the flier in the mail for The Disney Store. The cover shot is little Cinderella in her "glass" slippers and little tiara... and then you open it up to have text on page two... and someone from pirates of the caribbean on page 3 -- now tell me how many kids size 4 to 6 would you really let SEE a movie like that? Seriously? I'd not let my 3 year old watch that... ??? so I don't see how they'd want to be a character they can't really RELATE to.

Page 4 -- sleeping beauty
Page 5 -- ariel
Page 6 -- Belle
Page 7 -- Jasmine
Page 8 -- Snow White
Page 9 -- Tinker Bell
Page 10 and 11 are for boys... Buzz and Lightning McQueen... but they're just not as cool as the other ones... then they have peter pan and captain hook (lame) and the power rangers. You pay $40 for a leotard and then have to buy the "weapon set" for another $15. It's insane...but I know that's what Drew will want to do ... he's SO into the Power Rangers. We shall see. I got him a new Power Rangers toy motorcycle when we were buying a birthday present for another kid's party (just so he'd have something in his arms to carry and then would leave everything else ALONE -- that was worth the $8 or $9 for the toy!) and Josh sat next to it...and he FLIPPED OUT! He is SO possessive of his Power Rangers. Well, he's just a stingy butt all together...but especially about his COOL toys like that! :)

Josh is at the age where I don't get to pick what he is anymore -- he does .. hope it's something cool like Zorro..that'd be neat.

I had a productive day driving in circles. :) Got the boys' pictures picked up from JC Penney (finally) -- surprised they haven't faded from being there so long. I got the rest of the pouches to make the name badges for the mom's league. I went to Joann's for their scrapbooking sale (40% off a LOT) and looked at some fabric samples for curtains... DUDE some of that stuff was like $42 a YARD. How INSANE is THAT?! I don't get it... I just don't. I cant seem to locate wher eyou can get the little mini curtain rods either. I need to find some that are like 10" long... maybe a foot. We shall see... I am so not the decorator I wish I was!

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