Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Worst Mom Award

Oh GEEZ I think I should get the "Worst Mom of the Year" award today. I was trying to finish my lunch while working on the computer. Drew was watching Home On The Range. I had to get up to pee... did so ... and he got up and did the same thing....leaving a PUDDLE in the FLOOR behind the couch... THEN pooped too! He's potty training I might add -- that's so stupid to call it that... you're not training them to potty, they already KNOW how to do that... but I totall flipped out and blue a freakin gasket on him. I'm SO SICK OF CLEANING UP POOP in his underwear. He KNOWS what he's doing... and that just pisses me off to no end. Yes, I blew a gasket, had to give him a bath, mop the floor, wash clothes on HOT b/c crap was everywhere...

I did humbly apologize and tell him why I was so angry -- like he can understand. It's times like this when I really don't feel like I do a good job at the "mom" thing after all and am just grateful I don't have any other kids to screw up.

I've got 4 weeks to have him completely traind or he won't get to go to pre-school. Did you hear the click of the psycho ward unlocking? Yes, I will go freakin psycho if I do NOT get a break from him...we equally drive each other nuts THere's only so many Dr. Seuss books, puzzles, playdoh, painting, crafts, outdoor sweat sessions that one person can endure in a week's time and having those two precious breaks are necessary for me to work, and for my sanity.

I'm having a mommy melt down right now... :( He's taking a nap now... doesn't make any of this go away but I still needed to vent. Especially because you can't just ASK him to go to the bathroom... he'll tell you NO that he doesn't need to and then go right in front of him. I hate that. I hate that I have to ask him every 10 minutes... I set the kitchen timer for every hour on the hour to go sit on the toilet. He has ZERO desire to poop on the toilet... he just wants to crap in his pants... what in the world am I going to do?

I'm ready to send him off to Poop Boot Camp.. let someone else deal with this and send him home a reformed boy! GRRRrrrr...

Forgive me Father for I have sinned.... please help me be nice to my children.... this is the very reason other animals in nature eat their young.


Stamp Your Art Out said...

Oh and I are in the same boat and I think we're only on the poop deck at the moment. My son is not interested at all. He's 3 and the other day he told me he wanted his diaper back. URGH! I have potty trained 3 other kids, but somehow when you're in the middle of it it seems the worst. We'll have to join a support group together!

Hang in there,
Yvonne Wickenkamp

Suzy said...

All mom's have days like this... it'll pass. Call grandma and have her take him for the day, or get out of the house for a little while.

Get out your scrapbooks and look at all the joys to lift your spirits and re-focus your perspective.

You know you're a good mom! He'll get it soon!