Sunday, August 5, 2007

Whew it's Sunday

My life is about to hit full throttle with Cub Scouts starting up, the Mom's League Craft Club starting up, my CTMH meetings getting scheduled, school activities, sports activities, sanity planning and home renovations... just to name the few that are on the top of my head at the present time. I've been updating my calendar (and now my new Palm (I LOVE being a gadget freak).. I have a Palm and an MP3 player.. I feel like I finally caught up to the 21st century finally. My next to investments... portable digital camera and a portable digital camcorder. What fun are making those little movie clips if you can't share them on the internet with everyone?!

Friday I dropped Drew off at my mom's and headed to every shopper and bartain hunter's paradise - First Monday Trade Days in Canton. I LOVE IT THERE! :)

I came home with a 3' chicken strapped in the passenger side seat of my car. I swear, if there had been a carpool lane, I could have taken it! :) My house is large with high ceilings so you really DO have to buy over-sized accessories so that they're not lost in the space. I got two pieces of pottery, some flavored vinegar to make my cucumbers that I love. They're like CRACK! You season cucumbers and/or tomatoes with this cilantro/basil vinegar overnight...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmercy! I ALWAYS buy some cinnamon/sugar roasted almonds and/or pecans (I got both! Ha!) Normally I'd stay there a LONG time but it was SO STINKING HOT... I drank and drank and drank (fluids, not alcohol!) and then realized that it was just too freakin hot. So, opting for the a/c in my car, I called my mom to let her know I was packed up and headed to pick up my little man.

He made it all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday DRY! No pee accidents and only one poop accident (he doesn't like to poop in the toilet). I am telling you though that I need divine intervention and a prayer warrior team to pray for this little man. He HAS TO BE POTTY TRAINED to be admitted to school. I have three weeks... and counting and my sanity is dependent upon him being IN SCHOOL! So if you DO believe... pray for the potty!!! :) Thanks! :)

I finalized my guest list for my Once Upon A Family party. I am SO excited about this. Not that it's something I couldn't do all on my own but WHY BOTHER when they have SUCH cute products! Check out Denise's website: and if you buy anything, let her know you heard about it from me. They have family/faith based activities and programs that are designed to help your family reconnect. I just absolutely adore their style, programs and goal.

Oh, and when I got home on Saturday, I had THREE BOXES of goodies on the porch waiting for me. My new king sized bed skirt (it's BOO-t-ful!!), my new adhesive gun (I am SO excited to get this because face it, those little clickers that I've been using are not only noisy but they're annoying) and some books I'd ordered from Heritage Builders (Focus on the Family kind of thing). :)

I've been working on my MOPS newsletter, trying to plan my Cub Scout year and today I've been taping the ceiling.

Just for the record -- taping off walls so you can paint SUCKS! I actually feel like my fingers have been jammed. (Ever played basketball -- you know what I mean) It's really hard work. I don't think you ever really appreciate or respect what people do for a living until you've spent time in their shoes. And frankly, I don't know WHY anyone would WANT to do this for a living. Painting sucks. I'm such an I.G.G. (Instant gratification girl) and so having to do this in stages... BITES!

Since I'm painting a color that really needs a darker base wall, you have to prime the walls before you paint. I'm painting red so I'm priming grey first. This means I also have to tape off all the outlets, fixtures, ceiling, baseboards, crown molding, fire place area, shelves, yadda yadda yadda. I swear it looks like someone just blew up with the painter's tape in my family room. What's worse, I'm a freakin OCD neat nick I have to LEAVE it up until I can get it all done but the ladder just got brought in today... basically everything IS done (from 6' down LOL). It's only finished as high as I can reach with the roller without a ladder.. pretty stupid I know but I really didn't want Drew crawling up the ladder if I had to run to the restroom or something and I hate toting it in and out all the time. I've got one more gallon of the primer and I just PRAY that it does the trick... next is finding some striped material to do some panels and then a little fringy valance on the top... :) Something to soften up the big wall of windows. I know that it will all come together this week... I'm just ready NOW because I'm sick of painting.

OH... more good news. Josh comes home on WEDNESDAY!!! WOO HOO! I'm so excited. My life will be complete again! :)

My latest favorite Drew-isms...

heh-bee (this is what he uses for the word heavy when he wants you to carry it for him. "Momma carry dis, it too heh-bee."

Another thing he did that was so funny today. I was sitting on my bathroom floor while he peed in his little potty -- he THINKS he can stand up to do this -- is this like a right-of-passage like little girls and make-up? I keep making him turn around and sit down. When you CAN control it... then you can stand up. So SIT! So he gets done and turns around and stands on his head with his hiney in the air so I can see he actually did pee. He dumps the pot out and rinses it... pulls up his drawers (although I call 'em britches) and then walks over to me and very seriously looks me in the eye and tells me not to hit the dogs, that it's not nice. ?? WTH? I have NO clue where that came from other than as soon as he walked out of the bathroom, he picked up his fireman's axe (pretend, black plastic) and proceeded to chase them around the room. We had lots of fun together today.

I'm starting to ramble... OH...but I have to give two thumbs up to a GREAT cookbook. I bought it a while ago... it's basically a comfort-food cookbook but it's a QUICK and EASY comfort food cookbook. I made these two little strip steaks that had a dry Italian rub on them... (garlic, oregano, pepper, basil)... in a skillet you cook in 2 Tbsp of olive oil and you only turn them once. Turn again and then remove from heat. Once you remove them... put in the skillet some beef broth and balsalmic vinegar and butter... let it reduce by half and then pour it over the steaks... OH my GOSH... yum-O! :) I felt like Rachel Ray! :) It was a good thing tonight! Ha!

Where's my ice cream?! lol... too late for that.

Update on friends and prayer requests: got a txt message from Mark Irwin today... he's back from Japan...said the first thing he did was go straight to McDonalds and eat a greasy piece of meat. (I just replied back that I bet he felt tall over there. HA!) -- Prayer request for Sheridan -- she's doing amazingly well. Still very confused and dealing with the loss of the baby. they believe the blood clots are all clearing up. --Prayer request for my dad... he made it back safe and sound from New Mexico.

As if I don't have enough on my plate... I think Drew and I are going to start doing a Meals on Wheels delivery. :) I think it's a great way to give back at least a little something and I just love old people and sometimes they just need a friend to talk to... Hell, I FEEL old... may as well surround myself with some good people then right?! :)

And don't you just love getting hate mail? :) I got a piece of it tonight. I love making new friends... especially when they have only heard one side of a story. Drama... I dont buy into it. Thanks for sending it though. I'll pray for you.

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