Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meeting new moms

I joined the MOPS group at NorthWood Church -- where I think is going to be our new church home -- and attended their new mom's tea today. It was really nice. I love that the coordinator, Angela, arranged the tables so that you were surrounded by moms of children that are your children's ages so that you will be facing similar issues together. I hope to make some new friends and get plugged into the church a little more.

They also have, from what I've been told, an AWESOME preschool program HOWEVER...when I heard that their 3 year olds didn't take naps... I just had to say no. :) I wouldn't WISH my 3 year old on ANYONE if he hadn't had a nap. That would just be all KINDS of ugly. So, back to Noah's Ark this year for us...and frankly, I'm glad about it.

When we initially checked Drew in, he was less than thrilled at the thought of being left in a strange place with strange kids BUT when I showed up to pick him up, he just squealed with delight, "mommy's here" and grabbed his drink and diaper bag and my hand... he proceeded to walk down the hall with me hand in hand telling me about his fun adventures: he played trucks, he played trains, and he made a new friend -- yes, my 3 year old told me he made a new friend. :) How heartwarming is that? I wish everyone could get along so well. He said he had a good time and when I asked if he wanted to come back, he was so excited.

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