Friday, August 10, 2007

DIE is the first word in DIET!

I don't think anyone that has had "trouble" (using that term loosely here) with their weight ever THINKS they'll have trouble with their weight. I know I was a size 4/6 my entire life until I had children. Oh the joys/pains of motherhood. I hate those people that are genetically inclined to NOT have stretchmarks on their abdomens but, not many people are 5'2" and carry a 10 lb baby.... UGH.

I went down, went up, went down, broke bones in my toes (stress fractures), went up... went down... granted, it's always about 10-15 lbs up or down... right now I need to lose about 10 lbs to be 100% happy... that's not that big of a deal...but I have a love affair with Central Market cupcakes and vanilla ice cream. Why are the good things SO BAD?! There is an evil little person on my shoulder saying -- OH go ahead, you can start back tomorrow... then my willpower kicks in (usually) saying... you have control.

Like today, I went to get the ice cream out of the freezer (stressful day) and, like I said, ice cream is like CRACK! MMMMMmmm... LOL... and I got out a bowl and a spoon and the Hershey's... and it was too hard for me to spoon out of the tub. I just looked up and said, "Thanks" (to God) because to me, that was a sign. I don't believe in lots of things...but I do believe in signs. So, today is the first day that I'm back on track. Tomorrow I hope to wake up and start walking in the mornings before it gets up to 100 degrees and I can actually get a shower and be motivated knowing that I did my hour walk... I just need to tone up... I can do it. It'd be easier to have a weight loss buddy but I knwo I can do it. I've odne it before.

I joined WW online again. I like their point tracking system. Thank GOD for Applebee's. There's a site I love (Dottie's Weight Loss Zone) and she has point values listed for most restaurants/dishes on this site. It's amazing, astonishing and aggravating all in one. For instance, one of my FAVORITE restaurants of ALL TIME -- Macaroni Grill -- my favorite dish, pasta milano is 25.5 points -- to give you a point of reference (no pun intended), I'm allowed NINETEEN points a day! Arbys, their market fresh chicken salad sandwich - 18 points Oh the tragedy!

So, hopefully, this time, once I'm down, I will also be tone... and it'll stay there.

Personally, I like being a 6/8. I know I'll never be a 4 again and I'm okay with that. But I can't bring myself to buy any pants larger than a 10 (now)... i hate that it just depends on who makes them as to what size they are. My dockers shorts are a 10 and they fit great. I have some that are 12 that I bought post baby just so I had some nice shorts to wear and they fit on my hips and are very comfy but too baggy through-out the rise but still... they work. Now my 8's are a little tight... which is why I've been really good today. :) And plan on it...even though I'm attending not ONE but TWO birthday parties tomorrow -- Lord, GIVE ME STRENGTH! :)

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crazydaisy said...

I agree... DIEt = Die.... 'nuff said!