Monday, August 20, 2007

Shh... do you hear it? (since 14th)

No, me either... the only sound is the sound of silence.

It's that going back to school have to get the kids in bed early time again and I loooooooooooooooove it! Aaahhh... sweet sweet silence. No tv, no Waah Waah Wubzie no Dora, no Diego, no Pinkie Dinkie Doo, no Little Einsteins, no Tigger and Pooh, no Disney Channel period... nothing but the sighs of my little dog, Lola crashed behind me in the arm chair with her head hanging over the side because she still thinks she's 8" long.

I was completely paranoid that I'd be unable to have Drew in school because they are supposed to be 100% potty trained but since that fateful day when he pood in the potty, we had a major break thru---thanks to Fun Dips [a.k.a. kiddie crack] (I swear they were called Lick a maids (isn't that a little perverted?) when we were kids). He just loves those and as far as I'm concerned, his teeth can rot out b/c he'll get some new ones right?! Ha!

Went to a Pack Leaders meeting on Wednesday. This was fun. We are gearing up for the big registration rally. I hope we get some great new Tiger dens and leaders. I've been making fliers for various things and looking over the website and updating as I could. I'm not real good with the html thing but hey, I guess it's all a learning curve. As long as I know a little more than my kids, I think I'll always be doing okay. (ha) guess that doesn't say much right now since they're 8 and 3! hee hee

Thursday, I had my Once Upon A Family party. Had about half the turnout I expected (life happens -- I TOTALLY understand that) but it was still so fun and I know what I want AND I have some great wine leftover and some YUM-O dip left over to boot!

Friday I took Josh for an overnighter with the Pack at the Ballpark in Arlington -- or whatever it's called now. Why do they allow people to give some place naming rights. That's such a dumb idea because you have to reprint everything all the time. It should always be called The Ballpark in Arlington. Kind of like renaming major highways because of a high bidder, that's just dumb. It's a fixture, it's a freakin BALL PARK. Call it that! Got that Mr. Hicks?! It was pretty fun. Same deal as his birthday party but it's good to do things with the other Pack Admin members so that our boys can get to know one another.

Saturday after we got home was the CIRCUS! We made it to our seats right as they started singing the national anthem. Drew was in awe over the sights and sounds and he was FIXATED on the baby elephant. Long gone is the reason for being able to say "you run this place like a 3 ring circus" because it's not 3 rings anymore. That was rather disappointing so instead of having to do 3 things at once and such, it's just one big show. At the end of the first act they shot confetti into the air and I swear that was all Drew wantd to do for the rest of the time -- pick confetti off the people in front of us and off the floor. Josh wanted cotton candy, Drew wanted popcorn and we were all happy... Then Drew sampled the popcorn... he kept trying to hold it and I kept telling him to let ME feed you so that your fingers dont get sticky, he looked like a bird -- kept saying "it so yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy" Then we get to the bottom of the bag -- there are like 5 hand towellettes in the bottom of the bag! He could have fed it to himself. I think one of the neatest acts was the dirtbikes in the metal sphere -- i have no clue how they do that... freakin CRAZY. That and the horses and trick riding. I just love horses. They had some lady come out and do an act that was WAY too long with trained cats (like... not tigers... HOUSE CATS) I'm like... dude... we didn't pay $45 a ticket to watch Morris go through a hoop... give me a BREAK! After it was done, we hit the toy cart and Drew got a stuffed elephant and Josh got two plush baby tigers -- at first thought it was appropriate for Drew then I was thinking -- good LORD we don't need any more STUFFED ANIMALS! I just got rid of THREE GARBAGE BAGS FULL of them. Guess we are starting over with a new herd.

Today the balance was paid for the trip to Disney World... WOO HOO!!!! I'm so excited. I've got so much other stuff going on though, that it's hard to think -- I NEED TO PLAN THAT TOO! Ha! Reservations are made for two different character experiences at meals...that should be fun. Other than that... wing it!

So, I guess that's the update for now. Whew. Before bed tonight, I need to finalize a Scout flyer to have copies made tomorrow.

Josh's meet the teacher is on Thursday. How exciting. Back to school, new clothes, new school supplies, new this, new that, new back packs (wow, I didn't get him one other than the little sling type one I got him from Canton for $5 that has Texas Tech on it). I figure he will need one huh... especially when the weather gets cooler becasue he'll need somethign to shove his jackets in. Guess I shoudl have looked for one of those today. Bummer. I did take him to The Gap to get some new shoes -- blck Chuck Taylors! He's so cool. I swear I need to get him some checkered Vans too! He's got plenty of warm weather clothes - the kid has more shirts than I do... pathetic isn't it? Since it's still in the 90s I jsut felt stupid buying cool weather clothes when it's just not cool. I can shop for that anytime. So, today, we hit The Gap, went to eat at Cici's Pizza for lunch and went to Hallmark to get him a new Webkinz. We can't figure out his password, username and the secret code just don't work on his old one so we threw in the towel and got him a new one.

Tomorrow is one of Drew's last gymnastics classes (starting preschool so Tuesdays will be out and all the other classes are full) I'd love to get them both in horseback riding lessons... :) Heck, we should all 3 do that.. how fun!

La la la... off to work!

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