Friday, July 24, 2009

Are you green?

I'm glad that people are becoming more aware of the impact they leave -- I wish MORE people would become MORE aware. For them, out of sight, out of mind. Once I throw it in the trash, it's gone and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Boy, is that the furthest thing from the truth. Burying your problems (literally or figuratively) never works! Just because you bury that plastic bowl, do you REALLY think it's going to decompose in the next 500 years? Absolutely not! I just think of ALL the waste... all the excess wrapping and such and wonder... if we're going to run out of places to bury all this crap! ???

This was just because I was thinking how wasteful it is -- all the plastic baggies I DO get from the grocery store (I do put them in the recycle bag) but there HAS to be a way to be "greener" at the grocery store. Primarily because, I freakin hate having a zillion stupid bags in my drawer!

So, how does one "go green" in the grocery store?

I'm thinking the first option is a no-brainer -- bring your own bags!

Another option, of course, buy in bulk or larger sizes, rather than individual or, so called, single serving sizes. If you want smaller portions, buy bigger portions and then RE-portion them at home into Tupperware snack sized containers... but wait -- the production of Tupperware emits harmful chemicals in the air -- so what's better to do? Geeze, they're putting those of us who desire to pursue of the simple green life into quite a pickle! Hey, now THERE's something green for ya!

In a precursory search of the internet, it seems that there are good ideas out there... just I cant seem to find one for the produce purchases.

One resource is found HERE

This guys has a good blog entry about trying to be "green" at a local grocery store. Check it out HERE.

I'm curious... anyone have any resources for being green in the produce aisle without having to disguise yourself as an avocado?

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